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  1. PhysicsHippie

    Can I have Marijuana

    I'm glad this is a topic that has already been discussed (and even commented on by Melissa herself!) I honestly think if it's used for medicinal use (to avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs) and recommended by a doctor (in a legal state), I don't see why it should be an issue. Obviously cooking it into something like ghee or coconut oil is way better than smoking. Just got to make sure if it makes you munchie, to be sure to know whether you can handle those cravings during a Whole30. My boyfriend has asked me this question and I'm glad I found the topic and can answer intelligently
  2. PhysicsHippie


    I SWEAR I felt buzzed after drinking my first one too! I got GT's Passionberry Bliss. BUT I drank it right after an hour long workout, so I think that had a lot to do with it. Probably just endorphins or something in my case, but it was the closest to buzzed I've been in a long time lol. Gotta be careful. I had the second half of the bottle the following day after a meal and felt fine. Probably was just the empty stomach. Thanks for asking the question about home-brew! I was thinking of making my own and was concerned about the sugar you add to start the concoction. I'm on a very strict Whole30 budget, so I can't afford to buy $3+ bottles for every day. I like how my body reacts to it though