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Special Restrictions for Autoimmune - Do I Have to Give Up Eggs and Nightshades?

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My fiance and I are starting our second ever Whole30 on July 9th. Our first one was fairly disastrous for me, I actually gained weight and inches to every part of my body. I assumed this was because I was still healing from my diagnosis of Celiacs disease, I am seeing my doctor again this week because of some other issues which unfortunately point to systemic lupus but nothing is for sure yet. My fiance insists if I want this Whole30 to be a better experience I need to do something different so I read It Starts with Food and was distraught by their extra recommendations for people with autoimmune conditions.

I'm willing to cut nuts, dairy, and their other recommendations except for two things:

I love eggs and tomatoes. Frittatta is also the easiest possible Meal 1 food for me because I can make them in advance heat them up in the morning and then eat them with some coffee and maybe a little pre-cut fruit. (I'm a public school teacher and I head to work around 6:45 after working out). One stop shop. We're big curry eaters and I can't imagine being able to live successfully on this diet without curry. I've never shown any sign of having problems with either of these foods, do I really need to cut them?

Also, is coconut considered a nut? If I cut nuts do I also have to cut coconut and all it's adjoining products?

I'm a little confused about all this but I'd love to actually see some results this time around.

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Hi Anna!

I have Crohn's and I can so relate to you not wanting to give up eggs and tomatoes (and for me bell peppers). The way I see it, this is an excellent opportunity for some self-experimentation within the context of your Whole30. If it were me making the choice again, I'd look at it one of two ways.

If I were feeling pretty good before getting started (calm GI system, not super bloated or tired or achy), I would start with eggs and tomatoes in the rotation. I would pretend that there was never a recommendation against them and eat them like I always had. But, I would keep a food journal - not a tracking tool for how much of what, but a place to write down what foods you eat and how eating them makes you feel physically and emotionally afterward. Be completely honest with yourself about how you feel after meals, especially noting any GI symptoms. If you have any GI stress after eating those eggs or tomatoes, then cut them out until day 31. Then reintroduce and test.

If I were having any GI trouble at all, I would follow the autoimmune recommendations to a T just to (potentially) eliminate those symptoms and then start reintroduction with eggs and tomatoes either 2 weeks in (if my guts had settled) or on day 31. DItto what I said above about the food journal.

FWIW: Unless I eat eggs in combination with fruit, I have no trouble with them. Tomatoes and peppers are completely fine with me. Not everyone with autoimmune conditions has those sensitivities, but a lot of the folks who have those sensitivities also have autoimmune conditions.

I hope that helps!

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I had some gazpacho soup today which has peppers tomatoes and paprika, all nightshades so they definitely bother me. I dont think tomato sauce bothers me though.

Im going to have to just eat plain eggs again soon as see if they affect me. I dont think the eggs in my house are pastured so I should get some pastured ones first.

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