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Thai Chili Garlic Paste/Sauce


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Hey guys...I'm on day 14...doing great...not one slip up.

I am curious if the Thai chili garlic paste/sauce is ok if there is no sugar? I believe the most common Sriracha bottled item has sugar but I just need to read more at the stores. Anyone have a brand that is whole9/Paleo safe?

Thanks so much.

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Sriracha qua sriracha is always sweet and spicy. The recipe above calls for honey. You can leave it out and you'd have a Thai chili garlic sauce, which is also yummy but won't be sriracha. I suppose if you wanted you could sub in some dates, like some do for w30 ketchup.

But as Michelle writes:

"P.S.: This sriracha does contain a bit of honey — the mild sweetness is key to the sriracha-ness of sriracha, and trust me: subbing in dates and other fruit doesn't produce the right flavor profile. So if you're doing a Whole30® or a 21 Day Sugar Detox, you'll have to wait a little while longer before enjoying The World's Greatest Condiment again."

Pre W30 I used Hoy Fong chili sauce (sambal oelek) in cooking (there is no sugar but that brand does contain sulfites), and it's a yummy thing on its own. You might be able to find a compliant sambal oelek or make that yourself.


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