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Stomach Discomfort

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I am currently on day 14 and I am feeling pretty rotten. I gave up grains and legumes a few months ago but until I started Whole30 I was still eating a lot of yoghurt and sweet sugary treats. As a result I haven't really found the experience too challenging and it's been quite enjoyable.

In the beginning I felt good-lots of energy, needed less sleep and to my amazment my anxieties (I suffer from GAD) pretty much disappeared. However, about 6 days ago by stomach started to feel heavy and uncomfortable and it has been like this ever since. I used to suffer from similar problems last year (but more severe) before I realised I was very gluten sensitive. I feel fat, lethargic, lazy and bloated-very different from how I was expecting to feel at this stage!

The only thing I can think of that could be causing this issue is that I started eating fruit and upped my nut intake the past two weeks. Has anyone else suffered from a smiliar problem or may know a reason why I feel like this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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One or two servings of fruit per day should not be a problem, but nuts often cause trouble because they are easy to overeat and are a high calorie food. A cup of nuts can be 1000 calories. We don't want anyone counting calories, but it is important to know that nuts are such a dense form of nutrition that you can easily overeat them.

I would not expect eating nuts to make you feel bloated unless you are having some digestion problems and digestion problems are not uncommon. Many people experience a benefit from taking a digestive enzyme like Now Foods Super Enzymes with each meal to improve the efficiency of their gut, at least for a while. And they won't hurt.

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