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Day 1...again!


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So I was flying along with my Whole30 and made it to Day 15 (this was Monday).  I had started having cravings, but was staying strong... until a box arrived from my sister in Holland.  This was the box I was expecting for my birthday at the end of April, but arrived one month late.  The box that I requested, full of tasty Dutch goodies, before I had ever even heard of Whole30: stroopwafels and chocolate mainly.  


At first I thought I would still be fine and could wait until I was done and then have occasional treats.  But then had dinner at a friend's house.  And although dinner was pretty much Whole30 compliant, I could tell the chicken was marinated in Worcestershire sauce.  I ate it anyway.  What the heck, I was doing so well!  Had much digestive distress that night, especially heartburn.  And, after having to borrow money from my dad to cover some expenses, went home and opened that package of stroopwafels...and ate a few. Oh, and some of the chocolate.  Then Tuesday I had more and some chips and some wine.  Hit the "I didn't make good choices today" button at the bottom of my Whole30 daily email and here I am again...at Day 1.


I am looking at this (or trying to) through the lens of "no guilt, just consequences".  I learned that I can't have tasty treats in the house.  I also experienced the consequences of eating those things: mainly lethargy, upset stomach, and depression.  All those things that were disappearing during that first half of the Whole30!  


I feel much less confident this time around, but really want to hold on to the way I feel when I am taking care of myself and eating compliant.  And I thought posting on the forum would help with accountability!

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Our friends who lived in Holland introduced me to stroopwafels ...  oh lordy.


Are they all gone?  Well done on owning your choices and coming straight back to the beginning :)  You learnt a big lesson.  You'll be fine :)


(And yeah, posting here totally helps with accountability.  Have you started a log?  You should!).

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