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I had some great take-aways with my first Whole 30. 


I learned that being dairy free and grain free is the optimal diet for me. 


Beginning today I will dedicate 30 days to the Whole 30 and will:


-get rid of adrenal fatigue

-quality sleep, 8 hours baby

-scheduled meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner, less snacking and no skipping!

-more rest, less stress

-eliminate nuts and fruit for snacking and replace with quality fat and protein

-become less reliant on coffee, limiting to 1-2 cups daily diluted with coconut milk


and it all begins now!  Please follow my weekly posts and antics about life, motivation, fitness, and nutrition on www.allthingsyogi.com

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Good luck Candice!


Just to be clear because some people get their ideas about what is okay during a Whole30 from whatever they read and not the official guidelines. 1. Much of the almond milk available in stores includes nasty ingredients like carrageenan or sulphites that make it unsuitable during a Whole30. Be sure to check the ingredient label for problems. 2. No protein powder/supplement is acceptable during a Whole30, including the Raw Protein brand.

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