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Here be the log (D1:June 17)


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Hi, I'm Caty and I'm committing to whole30.


About me:

  • Type one diabetic since the age of 12.
  • Food issues. big food issues.
  • Experienced with most flavours of disordered eating.
  • Convinced that disordered eating is a mental trap and committed to dissolving the trap (step by step, it's a long journey),
  • Reasonably active (have been obsessive in the past), but no longer a gym rat. Now more of a yoga rat, honestly
  • Moving towards self-love, self-care, self-acceptance and the creation of the healthiest* variety of me in each moment.

* Healthy being a self-defined concept and not necessarily the idealized "fit" version.


I'm going to start on June 17 and follow 30 days of whole food eating. To that end, I've been spending the last five days gearing up and finding the experience pretty interesting. Not quite what I expected, for better and for worse; but also coming up against some really cool edges in terms of what I eat, how often and why.


Giving up dairy - specifically cream in my coffee and tea - has been the most noticeable *sadface* change. But also finding that certain meals seem incomplete, but that others leave me super stuffed. I sense that the full 30 days will be about noticing and adjusting, figuring out what warrants actual adjustment to food consumption and was is actually a necessary mental shift. Also coming up on what I expect to happen and what is actually happening and learning to accept, accept, accept. For instance, after five days of 'clean' eating I expected to have lost the mid stomach bloat. Nuh-uh. Still there. And weird sharp stabby pains in the morning to boot. What's up with that?


Nonetheless, I'm committing to the full 30, no matter what. One thing I learned from doing a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat earlier this year: patience and persistence are everything. Practice, too. So, I'm going to practice the whole 30 principles, I will persist with the whole 30 no matter what the experience and I will be patient both with the program and with myself doing the program for the full 30 days.


(Follow through has not always been my strong suit)



Looking forward, in a bizarre way, to the 30 days.


And here be the log.

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Day One Reflections

Yesterday, when Day One rolled into town, I was happy to start. The weekend was full of debauchery and "eff it"ing. I know it's not recommended and I didn't do so *wholly* intentionally (last hurrah, might as well go for broke!) but I admit that my permissive "I'm not going to concern myself with such things" attitude definitley contributed to the behaviour - I ate dairy, I ate wheat, I drank many boozy drinks (mostly cider) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

What was curious about that, given I had just finished a five day whole30 "primer" (whole5?) was what I experienced in my body. I had spent the five days prior feeling bloated and heavy...not what I expected from "clean eating". Then, on the weekend, that heavy feeling kind of went away. I think this was largely due to eating infrequently. I skipped dinner on Friday since I was on the bus. Ate a huge brekkie on Saturday but then very little for the rest of the day. Sunday was sandwich before another bus trip and then some supermaket sushi to round out the day. Along with two large coffees with cream.

The food didn't feel good, definitely. But the lack of huge-meals did. That's something to take away, I think. Clean food eating is a noble goal and I'm excited to embrace it. Along with that, though, is a serious need to both eat proportionately and to stop eating. I like the Whole30 "3 meals, no snacks" template since it fits with my experience of healthful eating in the past. But I also know that I need to watch portion sizes and feel through cravings and "eatiness" (that thing where you want to eat but you're not actually hungry and can't identify what you actual are...not cravings, just a desire to eat instead of....what? feel? sleep? move? As a master-procrastinator I see this as a major contributor to my food/eating disorders).

Also, need to watch quantities of nuts. Nuts might be my downfall in this because they're quick and easy and HIGHLY energetic. Also, not particularly filling. Not compared with, say, steak or chicken or egg. Guess my other take-away is that protein needs to be my focus. Protein every time I eat. Veggies, protein. Don't worry about fat but don't make fat-centric foods the focus (nuts, coconut shards, etc.)

Keep drinking.

Coffee - might also be an issue. For now I'm aiming to cut back my over-consumption of the delicious black beverage. From Ventis to Grandes. From Grandes to Talls. I can do this.

Also? My skin broke out after the weekend and my joints were more sore than usual. Could have been any of the foods/beverages/lifestyle choices I made, admittedly. But I'm curious to see how my joints and skin hold up over these 30 days. Remind me to take some pictures tonight.

Speaking of which, I weighed myself but I didn't do any other measurement or pictures. Maybe I will do pictures. I hate that shit though. When I did Precision Nutrition's Lean Eating it was the one big thing I wasn't into. That and food journalling. Too much heaviness for me. Pressure. And since Whole30 isn't meant to be about outside change...I wonder the value? What if I looked exactly the same but my interior felt amazingly better? Would that be less of a success? Guess it depends on how one defines "success". Just like how one defines "Healthy". I've been pondering that over the last couple of days. That and what "goal" I have...although I would rather talk about "intention" than "goal". What are my intentions for the next month? Why am I doing this? This is what they ask me at the start of every yoga class "Set your intention for this class. What brought you to your mat today?" I love that sentiment. What brought me to my mat? What brings me to commit to each day of clean eating? Why am I doing this?

More on that to come, I suspect.

Meantime, here's my food log for yesterday:

B/F - two eggs cooked in coconut oil with kale and orange pepper. Nettle tea.

After yoga - three dates, 480 ml kombucha

Lunch - large salad: mixed leaves, orange pepper, tomato, avocado, toasted sunflower seeds, chicken breast with skin. Almonds (about 1/3 cup). Apple.

Evening - coconut chips (about 1/4 cup), white peony tea

Before bed - camomile tea

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Two thoughts that come to mind from reading your most recent post.


First: If you take scale measurements I suggest taking tape measurements as well. I agree with focusing on all those other healthy benefits. It's amazing how all those benefits can get paled by a less than what we hoped scale measurement. But a scale measurement is just your relationship with gravity and without tape measurements the data is pretty meaningless. I've had months where I've barely lost any weight but seen 2 inch loss in overall measurements.


Second: Have you been on chronically low calorie restricted diets in the past? I apologize if this was in your intro and I'm asking a question you already asked. If this has been the case though you might find that eating enough food for your body to get all the nutrients it needs will feel like too much for a little while. But your body really needs that food for the nutrients. Looking at your food log for yesterday you really didn't eat very much food at all. I urge you to trust the template and the program and see what happens.


Wishing you great success and looking forward to see how this all turns out for you!

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Day Two Reflections

Brought to you today, actually on day two!

Hi Physibeth, thanks for stopping by.

To answer your questions...Precision Nutrition (which was the program I did for 12 months from July 11-12) did talk about the tape measurements being the better reference than scale weight thing. Totally get it. They also had us do skin folds. The trouble with the tape measuring, I found, is that the measuring itself was inconsistent. Mine versus a friend versus another friend. So it ended up being a huge up down up down curve that I found quite demotivating. Having said that, if I do my own and just stick to weight at belly button, chest at nipple etc. then I'm open to giving it a go. I guess I just prefer the "how tight are these reference pants" type of indicator. And thankfully I have a pair of reference pants.

There's also some reluctance in me to do any kind of before/after-ing...simply because of all that I've learned from the work I've done on my head space. What PN really opened up for me was how much of my psychological make up was tied to how I looked, how I ate, what I ate, what I did with my body. I'll be forever grateful to that program for the mind/psyche connections they made with nutrition and lifestyle. I lost twenty pounds over the year I did PN but what I really gained was a clear, somewhat startling, understanding of how the way I've felt about my body has dictated my happiness in life. And brought me through the first steps of really addressing that.

Honesty, basically. Gut wrenching, core splitting honesty.

So that goes to the second question. Yes, I've been on chonically low calorie restricted diets in the past. But not for some time - not for two or three years since I've been on any kind of calorie controlled nonsense. PN turned me on to both whole food eating and to primal diet as a method of really embracing whole foods. There's more to it, but that's was what I really got from it and also where my interest in "paleo" started. Now it's a lot more sophisticated. I'm looking for a method of eating that really works *for me*. By which I mean, I know it's going to be whole food based and I know it's going to contain loads of veggies but I'm unsure of the rest and I feel that this - being that it is a pretty strict elimination diet (other than the whole nightshade/nut factor) will really kick start that. Do I have a gluten sensitivity? Do I have a wheat sensitivity? Do I have reactions to diary? How much animal protein is enough (I'm a wannabe vegan, so this is an expensive diet for me being that I can't bring myself to eat anything but humanely killed meat)? How much starchy veg? Does my skin breakout because of soy? Nuts?

Anyway, this is some of the curiosity I'm coming with.

I guess looking at my day one log it seems like not a lot of food. I totally agree! What was really weird about day one is that when I got back from my evening activity I noticed that I was just not at all hungry, even though I had a late-night meal planned. So I just didn't bother. This is very unlike me but part of my intention is to really honour what my body is telling me. If it's not hungry...I'm not going to eat. And if it's famished and growly, then I will eat (although I'd also look at that as a good indication that my previous meal was not large enough. I really think I'm best with three meals a day, no snacks. So if one meal doesn't get me through to the next, I'll test out increasing it)

This is pretty long winded. But I really enjoy the questions, gives me pause to think this through. And the more I'm thinking of this the stronger my commitment is. I've discovered that it will need to be on Sunday since I'm invited to a big BBQ that I really should go to. No worries on the food front since there will be compliant food (some of it will be anyway). My problem is that my ex will also be there - I didnt' know this when I said I'd go - and I'm going to want to drink something to get through that ordeal. Ha! Actually, it will be a good opportunity to test both my resolve and my commitment to putting myself first for a change.


B/F: Two hard boiled eggs. Banana with coconut cream and cashews. Grande black coffee.

Mid morning: Refill on that coffee.

Lunch: Two burger patties (1/4 lb each), homemade tomato and onion sauce (just tomatoes, basil, onion and garlic). Salad containing mixed leaves, mushrooms, broccoli, avocado, balsamic and olive oil dressing

Earl Grey Tea

Post yoga: nectarine

Dinner: Steak! (palm sized, didn't weigh it), bbqed broccoli, leeks, clarified butter with tarragon and parsley; apple, cashews and almonds (maybe didn't need this but wasn't satisfied with the first bit. probably could have eaten the rest of the steak rather than saved it for tomorrow)

chamomile tea

Thoughts for tomorrow:

Already falling a bit into the nut trap. Might have to remove from the premises :-) Or, at least, be very strict with nuts-only-in-dishes.

Veggies for brekkie...what would be a quick and easy something to make to take to the office?

Late night yoga might help with the evening eat-y-ness. Or maybe time for conscious "sitting with the feeling" time.

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I got this tape measure that you just push a button and it stops to keep me doing a consistent measurement and then I try and be super consistent about the where. http://www.amazon.com/AccuFitness-MT05-MyoTape-Body-Measure/dp/B000G7YW7Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1371684269&sr=1-1&keywords=tape+measure I picked a bunch of places and I just do the same ones once a month. 


Veggies for breakfast. You could do raw veggies with some homemade mayo dip. I quite enjoy mashed or roasted sweet potatoes hot or cold and you can make up a bunch at the beginning of the week and just portion into servings to grab. You could make egg muffins or mini fritatas. Can you reheat at work? 

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Day Three and it was rough

Not the eating aspect, that went pretty well. Nor even the physical aspect. Emotionally, though, I was a basket case.

I can't even explain. Maybe tomorrow. Instead I'm going with food logging and then sleeping.

Nettle Tea
Coconut milk, banana, cashews
2 boiled eggs
Grande black coffee

Second grande black coffee

Homemade carrot and thyme soup
Collard greens sauteed in coconut oil with mushrooms and red pepper
Leftover steak, leftover burger
Reconstituted sundried tomatoes (just tomatoes and salt in the ingredients)
Peppermint tea

Leftover burger and cucumber
2 chicken sausages
Mashed sweet potato with coconut oil and milk
Green beans

Apple and tahini

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 Ok, so now I talk.


Yesterday was fine, really. Up until I brought home the expensive goodies from my trip to the local butcher: a pork shoulder roast for slow cooking, ground pork, ground beef and a dozen eggs.


Eggs, placed carefully on top of the - extremely unstable - meat.


You see where this is going?


Only seven survived, four of which were sufficiently cracked that they had to be boiled immediately for hard boiled eggs.


Not really a big deal since that's where I was going with the egg purchase anyway. That at the frittata and mayo ideas. But still, somehow, in that bag-toppling-off-the-counter-egg-everywhere experience, I Lost My Marbles.


There was screaming, there was swearing, there was cursing the universe, there was bawling my eyes out, there was the taking of a cold shower to Calm The Heck Down. It was messy.


I put it down to this: Day Three, Upcoming Solstice, Upcoming Seminar, Big Day, Roommate Adjustment, Period Time, and generalized stress of existing.


I'm much better today. Also, even with that, there wasn't a temptation to hit carb central. I would say that the apple-with-tahini at dinner was probably not strictly "on plan", but I'm still grappling with how, exactly, I want to manage these meals. So I'm not sweating it. And that meal was one of the best yet - mashed sweet potato is delicious, especially with some nutmeg; and those chicken sausages were just the right mix of spicy and salty. Delicious!


Odd dream last night: dreamt I bought a king size snickers, put it down on a table occupied by somebody else's coffee and ended up eating their snack - a faux healthy granola bar covered in chocolate. In the dream I remember thinking "this isn't that nice" and "I know this isn't Whole30 compliant" and "I'm disappointed I'm going to have to add on four days to the end". I also recall turning the bar over and reading the ingredients!


Woke up - first thought "yay! still compliant!" and then realized that I was hypoglycemic and that was probably the impetus for the dream. I tend to dream about sweet things when I'm hypo. I think it's my brain telling my body to wake the heck up and sort out this low blood sugar situation before it becomes critical and lands us all in emergency. No fun being a type one diabetic you know.


But, on that point - I have noticed that my blood sugar levels are better than usual. I have been experiencing these overnight lows quite often over the last week and so I will likely need to adjust my basal rates overnight to account for it. But during the day - these are good numbers, folks. And that is a blessing. I have an endo appointment at the end of July, if Whole30 turns into Whole-ish45 then these numbers will do me well on the old A1c reading and that will make my health care team (amazing doctor, amazing nurse practitioner) happy. Me too, let's face it.


Back to the apple/tahini thing....


I've done a bit of reading around the forum and I see this tendency to be really rigid and strict in the mindset approaching this program. It's very Diet Mentality, to my mind. And, for me, that's not what I'm aiming for. I don't want to start freaking out because I've eaten Fruit or because I've eaten Starchy Vegetables...that won't do for me. I saw one of the moderators gently intervening to say "this is not meant to be punishment, you're meant to enjoy your food" and I loved that they did that. There's that natural tendency we have as humans to go full tilt at something. Like it's this plan is something to Win or to Achive or to Nail It. And, to a point, I see how valuable that ability we have is. Doing things, moving forward, accomplishing goals...all worthy and without that ability where would humankind be? Extinct would be my guess. But - for me - that mindset isn't going to work. I have this torrid history of rigidity and disordered eating patterns behind me. The binge/starve cycle. The atoning for dietary sins. The "will start Monday" mentality. So so so familiar to me. And so I have to gently let that rigid thinking go and decide that it's not going to be part of this month for me.


I will eat fruit. I will eat sweet potatoes. Sometimes I will eat fruit at the end of a meal and it will seem, possibly, like a kind of dessert.


But I know - and that's the overarching point, I think...what do *I* know in my behaviour - that eating three meals a day, not consuming snacky foods and easy-to-cram-in-mouth foods and FWOB (food without brakes? is that its acronym?), and going to bed without a bedtime binge snack will be a monumental progression from what and where I used to be.


I will, however, vow to keep looking at my eating behaviour. Look at why I wanted that apple at the end of my meal last night. Look at what nut-consumption really is (too close to snacky, "eatiness" I'm afraid). Question whether coconut milk and fruit for breakfast is just a little too close to cereal for comfort. Because what I really like about this program is its emphasis on moving *away* from those psychological hooks we put in place around our food. When we use food as something other than nourishment. When we use food as comfort or solace or consume out of pure habit. I like the way Whole30 emphasizes challenging those behaviours as much as it also emphasizes choosing the whole-est, healthiest foods around. So that's why No Paleofying Recipies and No, You Can't Eat Those Pancakes.


[No peas, though? Really?]


I sense there's a beautiful tension between the rigidity of a no-holds-barred Protocol and permissive Eat What You Like So Long As It's Compliant-ish. There's a way to move in this method that does strike that delicate balance of discipline and leniency. That's what I'm aiming for and I know that the way there is through honesty. Honesty within myself. I do, actually, know.

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Hi there,


We started Whole30 on the same day. You posted in my log, and we've been posting in the June 17 thread. I've asked for you to add me as a friend...hope that's Ok. I figure we can give each other some extra moral support on the way to seeing this through.


Sounds like you are on track with what is to be expected. I've had less of a reaction, but did feel hungry today and started thinking about sugar and treats. I'll make sure to eat more tomorrow.


Not bingeing at night is huge. That in conjunction with slaying the sugar dragon are my top priorities in doing Whole30.



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Let me add that getting away from rigidity and weighing food and/ or counting calories is something I want to do as well. I want to break the binge/ atone cycle for good. If I can learn to get back in touch with my body, I hope to be able to eat like a "normal" person and never diet again. In other words, I want freedom around food. I am confident that Whole30 can help me achieve this.

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Day Four

Still compliant! Even with my eating-an-off-plan-granola-bar dream.

Here's what it looked like:

BF -

Leftover mashed sweet potato

Two leftover chicken sausages

Black coffee


Black coffee


Salad with chicken breast, some lamb bits, mixed leaves, alfalfa sprouts, sundried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, olive oil and balsamic

Peppermint tea

Yoga from 4 to 5.45pm


Slow cooker pulled pork (oh.my.goodness so delicious!)

Kale and broccoli stems pan fried with coconut oil and then steamed

Apple with tahini

Basil tea

I'm going to have to post a picture of the evening meal. Crazy good!

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Hi Kathy!


I've found coconut oil easy to come by in health food stores and in the natural/organic section of most grocery stores here in Edmonton. Imagine it's the same in the states.


I'll post this on your log too.

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Day Five...

So far the hardest in terms of stick-to-the-plan. A friend I haven't seen for a while called and invited me to meet up with her and another friend at a wine bar. I said I would, she was also not drinking and I knew they had a delicious mixed olive dish that would be Whole30 compliant. But I do have to admit that sitting in a lovely space, on a patio with the sun shining and birds chirping and the clink of wine glasses around...I definitely wanted a glass. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed my soda water and the company and the conversation. And today I feel fine, not slightly hung over; just a little tired (I went hot tubbing at the other friend's place afterwards).

One thing, though: I'm not happy with the way my body looks and not really with how it feels either. I'm trying not to focus on this and to remind myself of my intention to go through the whole30 as planned, no matter what, but there is this niggling feeling of "this is too much fat" and "I'm eating too much to lose weight" and there, my friends, is my long long established patterning coming into play.

I do want this body to be leaner. I just do. I know that I'm carrying way too much excess fat and I want it gone. But I'm also aware that I've tried a whole number of ways to slim down (lean down, whatever) and they haven't worked for me. Ways that are unhealthy, for sure, but also ways that are healthy. The precision nutrition program, for example, was a healthy, habit-based, slow and sure method of fat loss and it really should work. It worked for many. But not me. I did lose twenty pounds over the first six months in a nice slow and steady fashion, but then fat loss stalled and then crept back as I loosened the way I was eating. And by loosened, I don't mean I was eating McDs every day. My eating habits were pretty good compared to the SAD - lots of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. So, for me, I know there's other stuff at foot. Not eating regular meals? Adding too many "easy 'health' foods" like nuts. Relying on greek yogurt for protein a lot of the time. Too many snacks?

Behaviour to watch because even in this whole30 I can see I'm going to fall that way easily unless I make a point of observing the in-between stuff. Like when I cook...the extra tasting. Or when I'm hungry after coming back from work or yoga...what do I eat then and how does that relate to what I eat as my main "dinner" meal.

So, yesterday - case in point. I went out, I stayed compliant but I ate more than I needed to.

Here's the log:

2 boiled eggs

Coconut milk, banana, cashews (cutting this out, it's too much like cereal and I don't like coconut milk all that much)

Venti black coffee

Grande black coffee

Leftover pulled pork

Leftover kale and brocolli tips

Leftover carrot and thyme soup

3 pitted prunes

Punnet of grape tomatoes (about 1.5 cups? 2 cups?)

2 fried eggs, asparagus spears, serrano ham (pork, salt, spice as the ingredients), mushrooms

Mixed olive platter (probably would have eaten about 15 olives, large and small; black, red and green)

Scallops (3) and shrimp (2) in some kind of cajun dressing (they said made with olive oil but I think there might have been butter in it).

Black coffee (everybody else had brownie!)

Actually, when I write it out I don't feel so bad. It may have been too much food, but I wasn't hungry and I wasn't stuffed. And I drank a lot of water over the course of the evening. And there was also what food shopping and food prep does to my head...even if I'm vigilent about not eating the food I'm preparing, just the fact of being around it can sometimes be a spinner. Like...I feel like I'm eating it, even when it's just going into the dish. FWIW I made this http://paleopot.com/2012/02/hungry-man-sweet-potato-casserole/ with some variations (less meat, fewer eggs, added collard greens, ommitted bacon). We'll see how it turns out. I have to be prepared for next week since I'm going to be crazy busy and won't have time for real meal prep. Might be able to do another slow cooker meal - will have to do some research to see what's recommended.

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Will come back and add, but it's hard to remember everything at the end of the evening. Better to post mulitple times and forget nothing methinks.

Day Six ...only 24 to go!

Hypon on waking (3.5 mmol/L)

3 prunes

nettle tea


Pile of mushrooms sautéed in coconut oil

Two eggs kinda omletted

Two slices Serrano ham

Black coffee

Yoga (12 - 1pm)

3 dates and ginger kombucha


Four remaining slices of Serrano ham

Arugula lettuce

Small avocado

8 asparagus spears

Apple spread with macadamia nut butter/hazelnut butter

Cup carrot and thyme soup

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I'm glad you did OK. I was worried you fell off since you didn't post yerterday.


My plan is to try not to think too much while doing the Whole30. I am going to finish, and then see what happens. I figure by the end of 30 days, I will feel good enough and have my body trained enough to know how to eat when hungry and stop when full that I will not fall back into old habits and my old disordered relationship with food. But I've been thinking about what treats I'll have when I am done, so I'm not there yet.


When I started this, I thought I'd do a Whole45. Right now, I'm just concentrating on finishing the Whole30 and will play it by ear.

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So life got kinda weird.


You may have heard about floods in Southern Alberta? I don't live there anymore but the work I do is related, and I still have freinds-as-close-as-family and actual-family in the flood zones. So it's been a bit stressful and I may get the opportunity to actually go down there and help out. I want to, because sitting up here feeling useless has sucked.


I have kept to the Whole30 for the most part. Went to a BBQ on Sunday and ate some spare ribs that, on relflection, were probably cooked in something containing sugar (and who knows? other stuff probably). But here's the thing: I've decided that the rigidity of the program...which makes a whole lot of sense in one context, isn't good for me. And so I'm going to stick with it but on my terms. Which means that if I flub up by eating something and then realizing only later that it was probably not compliant, I'm just going to keep going. Can't hold the program responsible for the effects, I guess, but I can still continue with the experiment and see how I do.


Overall though? It's day nine and I feel like I'm actually gaining weight/fat on this. So I'm having the thoughts...maybe it's not for me? Maybe there is just too much fat in the diet my my system? Hard to say. I don't feel deprived, that's for sure. Psychologically, yes, I feel a bit deprived and I have had some "oooh, I'd love some chocolate right about now" sensations. But pysiologically, I've been quite fine. Satiated, feeling reasonable cheerful, enjoying the meals I've been eating. I just don't feel good in my body. My clothes are tight. What's up with that? Well, obviously, I'm not eating in calorie deficit and I need to be if I want to lose fat. And yes, that's what I want to do. I want to lose fat in a sustainable, healthy way. Thought this might be a way to do that but it's appearing to not be so. Maybe there'll be some other good effects? So far nothing has really materialized, but I would say that cravings are definitely reduced and I'm managing my appetite well.


Anyway. I guess the upshot is that:

1. I can't really blame whole30 since I'm not working the program 100%

2. I am, however, sticking to it with enough dedication to expect to see change in my body

3. I like the craving control and the general satiation I'm experiencing from eating this way

4. I'm upset that I appear to be gaining, not losing

5. I don't think this is sustainable over the long run, but I am seriously contemplating making the dairy/grain omission a permanent fixture

6. i would dearly love a cup of tea with milk in it :)


Food log - failed to keep a rigourous one over the weekend but this was yesterday (day 8)


Coconut milk, coconut shards, banana

2 boiled eggs

Venti black coffee


Sweet potato, ground beef, collard greens, egg bake (the receipe linked up above)

A second venti black coffee


Veggie soup (turnips, shitake mushrooms, celery, carrot, onion, brocolli stems)

Salad with spinach, shrimp, chicken breast, alfalfa sprouts, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, olive oil and balsamic.


Carrot and celery sticks

Beet "hummus" (roasted beets, tahini, garlic, lemon juice)


Apple with hazlenut butter.

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