Laura's Whole30 Log - starting July 9

Laura Mayes

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post-2556-0-82691400-1341804343_thumb.jpIn 2005, I was t-boned. Although I continued to experience pain, doctors assured me I would be fine. In 2010, with 5 years of my Massage Therapy practice under my belt and lots and lots of physiotherapy, massage therapy and medications, I suffered internal bleeding from naproxen. It was really the only thing that 'worked' for me. Unfortunately, I will never be able to take it again. The pain escalated and was uncontrollable which led to me having to give up my massage practice. Being very depressed (and of course not wanting to admit it) I didn't take care of myself at all. I have gained weight, have trouble falling asleep, have nightmares, and a generally feeling of failure. I finally started seeing a psychologist and started to accept my new situation. I have one many psychological programs to help the pain (cognitive behavioural therapy) and I have had a desire to see a dietician, but haven't had the financial means. I realize now I don't need a dietician, I need motivation and support. My parents have been paleo for a few years now and feel great. My mum supplies me with all kinds of information and recipes about this anti-inflammatory lifestyle. My medication (my poison) affects my appetite. I have no desire to eat until I needed to eat 5 minutes ago and my pain spikes, so I grab something easy and unhealthy.

Beginning any new program, I always start off expecting the 'cure' and I get so disappointed when that doesn't happen. Reading some testimonials on here though, I must say it's hard not to get my hopes up.

So no more excuses, tomorrow morning I'm starting my Whole30. I can't wait to see how it improves my life :)


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Thank you, Derval!

Day 1

Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled with a small diced green pepper, organic mushrooms and onions. Veggies were fried with coconut oil first

Half a sweet potato heated for one minute in the microwave then sliced and fried in coconut oil


Meal 2: Wild sockeye salmon, baked (such a beautiful colour and so delicious)

Brussel sprouts, boiled and fried in coconut oil

Green beans, boiled

Carrots, raw

I have only been awake for 9 hours today and I spent 3 hours of that at yoga, so I haven't had my 3 meals. :huh: I work tomorrow (one of 2 days a month) so I have already prepared all 3 meals because I know how quickly I grab the convenient, unhealthy options for all 3 meals.

Pain: woke from with spasms in my neck

I felt amazing after meal 1, lots of energy, but about 2 hours later I got a headache which is still here (common).

I have been very aware of my neuropathy today (nothing new lately).

Medication: I noticed a rash on my neck last night where I apply a compound, it will be interesting to see if that improves with the whole30 or if I won't need the compound anymore. :rolleyes:

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Day 2

I had trouble falling asleep last night, which is very common the night before I work. I think it's from fear of not waking in the morning. I woke up at 4:50 feeling great. I was wide awake and looking forward to the day. My food choices for today and yesterday have been very non-creative, only because I decided it was best for me to start with simple easy foods I know I like. Well, the fridge is empty again, so tonight I'm going to be doing some recipe researching and tomorrow I'll be buying and creating some exciting new foods.

Pain: 6/10 I can't say I felt any different than I normally would, which I am so thankful for. I was worried I was going to be the 'typical' day 2.

Medications: Today I didn't put my compound on because the red rash on my neck is a bit bothersome and I wanted to give it a chance to clear up. I took 2 break through pain killers this morning which caused a lot of fatigue in the late morning and early afternoon.

Cravings: My co-worker bought chocolate covered almonds for us as a treat. I resisted... I love chocolate covered anything so I was proud of myself :) Tonight, I am definitely wanting a spoonful of peanut butter or a handful of chocolate chips. Darn brain! Luckily, I don't have anything like that in the house and I'm already in my pj's.

Meal 1: 3 small hormone free, grain fed chicken thighs, bbqed (I cooked them last night and chicken for 'meal 1' was actually more than ok)

Sautéed organic mushrooms in coconut oil

Brussel sprouts, boiled and sautéed in coconut oil (I really struggled to get these down, maybe not something to eat in the a.m.)

Snack 1: at 9 am, I was so hungry.

Half a handful of cashews

Homemade, paleo-friendly (is that a term?) hormone free, grass fed, organic beef jerky (I made it on the weekend just in case ;)

Meal 2: Wild sockeye salmon fillet, baked

Green beans, boiled

Carrots, raw

Snack 2: stomach started rumbling again around 3

Small handful of cashews

Meal 3: this meal felt like a failure, not very well thought out, but I am feeling satisfied now. No more grumbling!

3 small chicken thighs, bbqed

Mushrooms sautéed in coconut oil

Sweet Potato baked in microwave for 2 mins, sliced and sautéed in coconut oil


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Day 3

Today wasn't a good day. I had a horrible sleep and woke up tangles in my blankets. Then I was nauseous and had an upset stomach. I did make it grocery shopping, but didn't have energy to make any of my planned meals today. I need to make extra meals when I have bad pain days so I can just reheat and ensure I get my veggies in.

Meal 1: 2 pieces of paleo beef jerky (because I felt I should eat something)

Meal 2: I made some turkey and attempted homemade mayo to make turkey salad wrap but could only stomach a few pieces of bare turkey

Meal 3: by this time my pain was 7-8/10 and I was feeling the worst.

Steak and salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (I think this is the first time I have eaten steak without any sauce! :o)

Snack: I finally got some more energy and because I took bananas out of the freezer this morning, I felt I needed to make paleo banana bread. I had a slice tonight.

Feeling so-so now, but exhausted and ready for bed!! hopefully tomorrow will be better! I have a fridge full of organic goodness!



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Day 4

My stomach is still way off today. Pain has been bad. Fatigue bad. I had a 3 hour nap this afternoon, I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Meal 1: paleo banana bread

Meal 2: turkey thigh

Spinach salad with half a tomato with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Meal 3: pork chop

Banana bread

Lots and lots of water

Hopefully I'll feel like eating again tomorrow!!

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From another Laura starting the same day as you, I wanted to offer some encouragement to hang in there! I was very nauseous on Day 6 and Day 7, but much better today on Day 8. Maybe it's just part of the detox process that will pass? I can't wait to see if you find relief from your pain, too!

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