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Post-menopausal and sore breasts


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I've seen this in a few topics, but not for women who, like me, are post-menopausal. I'm 51 and can't remember the last time I had a period. In the last week or so, my left breast has been incredibly tender. I originally attributed it to a too-tight sports bra, but that's been over a week ago and it's still sore, maybe even a little worse. I used to get those fibroid things when I drank a lot of diet soda and ate a lot of soy, but I'm on day 27 of a strict Whole30 and haven't had soy in forever. I do drink tea, but about one to two cups a day. I just had a mammogram (though this was before I started the Whole30), and everything was clear.

Any other older women having similar issues?

I'm not especially worried, just kind of troubled. And uncomfortable.

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After a bunch of research and thinking, I am thinking/hoping I might have identified the source of my sore breasts. I take Lurong Living Essential daily for my joints, which is red deer antler velvet. I did some searching, and it appears that this increases estrogen levels in women when taken in certain amounts. I have had a tendency toward fibrocystic breast condition in response to excessive caffeine and soy, so I think that might be what's causing my problem. I'm going to quit taking them for a while and see what happens.


I'll keep you posted - I'll have to find something else for my joints - 

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I read the blog Melissa and Dallas did about supplements in general; right now, I'm going with a combination of fish oil (Stronger Faster Healthier with D3) and Curamin, which is a blend of cucuramin, boswellia, and tumeric. Keeping my fingers crossed - I've been taking the Lurong for quite a while, and my joints usually get really cranky without it. So far so good today - I even ran a mile in record time for me and am feeling okay.


Oh, and I think I'm going to get some arnica for topical/as needed use.


Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Update on the situation...I stopped taking the Lurong and the soreness cleared up. After about 3 weeks, I started it back up, but just taking two a day instead of four. So far, so good. 


For my joints, I'm taking a tumeric/boswellia/cucuramin combo called Curamin. That and Biofreeze after my workouts, plus strengthening exercises, seems to be doing the trick. I might try the glucosamine too.

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