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Questions for Dairy Reintro Tomorrow


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Day 30 today, woohoo!!!!


Is there a way to reintroduce dairy that wouldn't be too far off from the W30 meal template? Isn't it possible the extra calories alone could make me feel different? I plan on trying about a cup of organic yogurt and a little half and half with coffee at breakfast and several ounces of organic mozzarella at lunch and dinner. Would I add this to the normal 1-2 palms meat, 1-2 T of oil, and 2 cups veg at meals and just expect a higher calorie day? Or reduce proportions of protein intake and fat? Seems like it would be good to keep everything as normal as possible except for the dairy. Trying to create the best laboratory conditions possible:-) Will definitely not be adding any sugar or other extras tomorrow.

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Logging my dairy reinto experiences in hopes that it will help someone else here. This is how I reintroduced dairy:


Breakfast: 2 vs the normal 3 eggs. Substitued 1/4 cup organic mozarella for an egg. 1 T EVOO. 2 c veg. Small serving of fruit. 2 T organic 1/2 and 1/2 with 2 small cups coffee.


Lunch: After realizing how much protein is in 1 cup organic greek yogurt (fat free and sugar/sweetener free), I used it as my lunchtime protein. Added 1T EVOO. 2 cups veg. Small serving fruit.


*I noticed major sinus drainage while eating this meal and right after. Shortly thereafter the foggy brain, sluggishness, and neck and shoulder pain started.*


Dinner: As at breakfast, reduced protein (this time beef) by 1/3 and added 1/4 cup organic mozarella. 1 T EVOO. 2 c veg.


Thank goodness I never had digestion issues, and back pain and brain fuzz were gone by morning of day 32. However, I felt more emotional (kind of like PMS) as the day progressed and still feel emotional today, day 33. Neck and shoulder pain is also back.


Conclusion: Except for the occasional serving, dairy is out! Based on what I have been reading, my symptoms are a reaction to casein vs lactose.

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