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Not done yet, but SO happy so far...

Colleen Roy

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We are on day 17 right now. I was really worried about how cutting carbs (even though there are plenty of carbs in vegetables!) and how that would affect my running. I've been running consistently for about 4 years now and finally hit my stride this year-I've followed a training plan and added strength and speed work and have seem my race times improve dramatically. My favorite distance is the half marathon. We will be running one the day we finish our first Whole30.

That said, my training over the last 17 days was negatively impacted...slower, less energy, blah and crabby about my training...UNTIL the last two days! I did a long, slow run on Sunday (12 miles) and while not as easy as I would have liked, it wasn't too bad. The best part is that I felt awesome on Monday-no leftover tiredness at all. Worked in my garden for about four hours, then had a late lunch and headed to our weekly trail race series...was supposed to run 2 miles of a 5 mile relay race...after running to the race, running my leg of the race and back, then running home...I covered 8 miles altogether. What? And I felt pretty darn good!

Slept like a rock last night (as I have EVERY night since we started!), and feel great today. YIPPEE! I think I've figured out the right healthy carbs & fats to consume on a regular basis to keep my energy levels where they need to be!


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