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Fatal Mistake


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So I'm on vacation for a few days and I eat some chicken from Chick Fil A. Is that's a fatal mistake and I have to start over??

I'm on day 12, and just didn't think. I feel dumb :-/

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It might depend on which chicken you had but I'm guessing you ate several off plan ingredients. 


Here is a link to the ingredients in the chargrilled chicken: http://www.chick-fil-a.com/Food/Menu-Detail/ChickfilA-Chicken-Sandwich#?details=ingredients I see sugar, msg, and soy in this list.


The classic chicken also has wheat in it.


It's kind of frightening how many ingredients these products have.


I wouldn't call it starting over but I would tack another 12 days onto the end and do a Whole42.

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