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First W30 Done- Thoughts & Pics


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Finished first Whole30 yesterday!!!!!  Continuing on to another one without any off-roading as I think I need longer for the Sugar Dragon deal and I really like this way of eating.  My thoughts and before/after pics:     


Biggest Surprise?

I've been thinking about some heavy things out of nowhere and I get choked up easily it seems.   Is that the absence of emotional eating?   Don't know but I plan to learn more about that during this next Whole30 days.  It's a side effect that has truly taken me by surprise.


Was It Hard? 


Eating so many nutritious foods felt downright luxurious and I love the 3 good meal way of eating.

The Sugar Dragon battle was/is the most difficult for me.  I had a few sugar â€œepisodesâ€shall we call them?  And I was truly surprised at how long sweets stayed on my mind and how easily I would go from totally great to thinking about $#%@!.  I took this as a sign of how fragile my own progress was and that I should stick with my plan of a second Whole30 with no in between off-roading.  So I am.


When you come to the W30 in a “rock bottom†state (as in I'm at my personal rock bottom and ready to work frame of mind) it's not as hard as you think.


Tools That Helped?


The Whole 30 Forum in a few ways—


(a) you can obsessively search it for answers to your scatter-brained questions and as you sift through the thousands of results will inevitably learn the answers to other questions too.


( B) a “support thread†for those starting on the same day as you.  Many are facing the same issues and can relate well to each other.   Checking in with your group at the end of each day is so helpful!


A weird little tool that helped me also was a simple calendar on my kitchen wall on which I “Xâ€ed off each compliant day.  After the first few I simply didn't want to break the chain!  Anyway, it was a little game that did help.




Rosacea & Acne pretty much gone and a nice glowy-look coming back big time!


Weight loss—I think so.  My biggest pair of capris is a size 18 and they no longer stay up.  To wear them I have to roll the top over a few times.  However my 16's are a liiiiiitle too tight to say I went down an entire pant size so let's call it a half size down.  Overall all of my clothes fit better or are too big, rather that was inches or pounds I really don't know.  Measuring today for the first time.  Overall I feel less "swollen" and I think the pictures reflect that.       



I feel great.  I get impatient and as I've posted about feel so incredibly good it's a slap in the face to look in the mirror and see an overweight person looking back because I don't feel that anymore.  I feel that anything is possible with the right effort.  Sometimes things just fit, and the Whole 30 way is a great fit for me.  Not thinking about food lets me take care of other business in my life, and eating the right foods gives me the energy to do so. I cannot praise this way of eating enough.

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