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just thought some more experienced whole30-ers could suggest how to go about eating on a particularly long/busy day I have once a week during school term...


I leave home at about 6/6:15, "lunch time" would be about 1:30, and then dinner at normal time.

i'd also have a "morning tea" break at 11.


would you have a huge breakfast to last through to lunch, or a normal breakfast plus a mini meal at morning tea time? some days we might be training in the afternoon/evening so would include pre/postWO on these days.



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I worked extra hours that forced me to be awake more than usual this past week and found I needed to eat 5 meals per day because I kept getting hungry. I ate roughly every 4 hours - give or take - meal 1 at 1:30 AM, meal 2 at 5:30 AM, meal 3 at 10 AM, meal 4 at 1:30 PM (after workout), meal 5 at 6 PM. For some reason, the extra long days made big meals inadequate. I needed to eat more frequently than usual. During an ordinary week, 3 meals per day is easy for me.

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