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Tea Time!

Life More Abundantly

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Cucumber sandwiches (the cucumber slice is the bread) with smoked salmon & capers.

Split mini sweet peppers filled with chicken and pesto.

Fancy piped stuffed deviled eggs with herbs.

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with guacamole.

Liver pate with veg slices.

Apricot halves with whipped coconut cream.

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You can also stuff all sorts of things in a Campari tomato. They are about the size of a golf ball and I have never had a mealy one. I like Tuna or chicken salad. Mexican shooters - seasoned chicken/beef/taco meat, a slice of avocado, grilled veggies, jalapeno; go crazy!! These aren't very dainty like you might have with tea, but they are still delish. Don't forget some dark chocolate and fruit!!

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