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A 30 Day Adventure into Gastroenterology


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Okay so here we are Day 1.

Lets start off with an introduction to some of my daily symptoms that I will be assessing throughout this process. I have chronic headaches, light headedness, and all kinds of stomach problems from Nausea to Reflux. I am young and work out 3-4 times a week, recently doing Crossfit. None of these symptoms make sense and I am hoping that through this Whole30 I will start to see a change.

Also in the spirit of honesty, my husband and I tried to start the whole 30 about a month ago and we went strong for about....5 days. Then due to a lack of poor planning we got off track. That said we have been doing about a half 30 ; ) since then. Yesterday we decided to finally commit to this and I know that the only way this will work now is to PLAN PLAN PLAN...and to write in this log to keep me accountable.

Was this too long winded? I promise this is the one and only time I will write this much, but I think a little background is necessary to understand someones Whole30 journey.

So here we go....

Day 1

Breakfast: Chorizo and Eggs + 1/2 Cup Coffee

Hungry again 2 hours later: Had some carrots and snap peas (I later read that a snack should not be just veggies or fruit)

Lunch: Red and Green Peppers, Zucchini, with lime sauce and ground beef

Not feeling great an hour later: hungry and had a headache. I waited and hour to see if it was just a sugar craving and it didn't go away. Finally, had a little more of my lunch and my emergency Larabar.

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with tomatoes and peppers and ground beef

Workout after dinner had a Larabar Post workout.

Conclusions: I am finding that I need to figure out the right balance of food for the day so that I don't get hungry in between meals I'm thinking maybe I need more fat in my diet? Thoughts?

Feelings: No cravings today. :)

Excited and Nervous

Symptoms: Headache and Lightheadness

A little Nausea

Here's to tomorrow and another day staying strong!

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Do you have any guesses about your symptoms?

Obviously, I don't know anything about you, but once I started salting my food my lightheadedness (head rushes/momentary blackouts upon standing) went away. Also, do you think you get enough water?

It takes time to find the right balance for you. If you are getting hungry between meals adding fat is a good idea. I'm not seeing much fat in your meals... avocado might fit in nicely.

Good luck and enjoy this Whole30!

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I have actually gone into the doctor recently to get some tests done to figure my symptoms out. No results yet....

I am drinking water all the time. Sidenote: I have Invisalign so water is actually the only thing I can have when I have them in.

I love avocados so I will have to try adding more of those in.

Thanks for the reply! :)

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Day 2:

Breakfast - Egg frittata with chorizo and broccoli and avocado

1/2 cup coffee

This was a bit of branching out for me putting broccoli in my eggs ;) I survived.

I tend to reuse a lot of my ingredients in case you haven't noticed....trying to keep it budget friendly.

I made it through to lunch this time with no snacks. This is my first mini victory. Perhaps the avocado helped.

Lunch is spinach salad with bell peppers beef and avocado.

Work is having their monthly birthday celebrations today. Thankfully I don't like ice cream.

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Yesterday evening was a bit harder. I was tired and hungry.

Luckily my husband and I had made our dinner a day ahead of time....Moroccan Chicken on a bed of greens. = ) My Crossfit workout was difficult, not sure if this was related to the first week of Whole30 or not.

This morning I had eggs with beef and zucchini and peppers. Followed this up with a trip to the local farmers market where I bought some organic veggies. Next week I'm going to have to remember to bring more cash so I can purchase some local grassfed meat...they even had bison. Excited :)

A minor headache this morning, stomach feeling just ok. No noticeable improvement.

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