Fermented Cod Liver Oil

MaryBeth Heydt

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I'll let one of the other guys give a more technical reply but I've been using that exact brand for a few months daily and I've found it to be really good. I take two caps a day.

The usual rules of the Whole30 apply of course. Make sure you're eating a good variety of foods which is preferable to supplementation.

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It's Whole30 compliant. The difference between cod liver oil and regular fish oil is that cod liver oil includes vitamins A and D, where fish oil does not. This is actually pretty good for folks living in higher latitudes, especially during the winter. Living in Boston, I like to cycle between the two seasonally.

There is some concern about Vitamin A toxicity with supplementation via CL oil, but further investigation actually shows that adequate levels of vitamin D (and K2 for that matter) are protective against vitamin A toxicity.

All that being said, I'd check in with your doc before starting any new supplementation regimen.

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There really isn't much more to learn about the differences:

Fish oil: good source of n3s

CL Oil: good source of n3s, also source of Vit A and D

The fermented CL oil vs regular CL oil difference is in the processing method. regular cod liver oil is extracted by heat, whereas the fermentation process makes some of the nutrients more bioavailable, etc.

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Came across this thread via Google as I'm trying to choose between the SFH SO3+D3 Omega-3 Oil and the Green Pasture Blue Ice FCLO.


I've taken the SFH one many times before and don't notice a big difference in how I feel or how my skin looks.  Also, I recall there being some talk recently about the quality of this FCLO...


I'm trying to heal my teeth as well as dermatitis and am looking for some sort of fish oil and D3 combo.


Can anyone give me advice or recommend another brand?


Thank you!   ^_^

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Julie, I wanted to let you know that while FCLO is great stuff, it is not a fermented food. Fermentation is the process used by the conpany to get the oil from the cod livers when they make FCLO, but the finished product itself is not fermented. It's just a separation tool, no wonderful probiotics in FCLO.

Just wonderful, high grade cod liver oil-- which is a great reason to take it in and of itself.

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