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Finally! Diet Dew Demon Defeated - Now Just the Sugar Demon to Go


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After many years of slurping down Diet Mountain Dew...and several slips over the last year or so since I "went Paleo," I think I've finally pinned the beast.


A few weeks ago, I was at a conference...and though I love my tea, it wasn't readily available. I don't drink coffee. The rest of my food had been 80/20 at best - Paleo by day, indulgence by night - and not surprisingly, I was dragging. So I thought I would "treat" myself and have some readily-available caffeine.


I bought a Diet Mt. Dew. 


And from the start, it was AWFUL. HORRIBLE. Treacly sweet and just...yuck. After a few drinks, I began to feel quite dreadful...it's hard to describe but it was kind of like being poisoned. I doggedly kept at it until about halfway through, then I thought, "This is just silly. I feel awful and I really don't want to feel any worse." And I threw the thing away.


I never thought I would despise my Diet Dew. This gives me hope that one day SOON I will chuck the other demon in my life - the sugar demon - with equal success. 


I still have work to do, I still have battles to fight, but I had to share this success!


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I can't drink any soda anymore. I will occasionally have a Maine Root Ginger Beer, but even that is super sweet to me since our first whole30 last year. We just finished out second whole30. I'm drinking a new flavor of seltzer water right now, and I've read the ingredients and looked the brand up online just to be sure there is no added sugar or who knows what. It just tastes super sweet and syrupy to me! Can't find anything listed other than water and natural lemon and lime flavoring, but I don't know....

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