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I started my whole30 on August, 1st. The first week I suffered from diarrhea, but around day 8 I was fine. But the diarrhea is coming back over and over again. Last Saturday I had to stay near a toilet all evening (but I thought my upcoming period was the cause). But today it came back, and even worse. Just had M1, and after that... I don't want to tell details, but it was very unpleasant. I skipped M2, just had a banana, and took a pill against it, because we had tickets for theatre. On the way I had another banana (because I remembered they help with diarrhea).

Someone already suggested digestive enzymes. What kind of enzymes? I think here in Germany I can buy probiotics, is that what you mean?

Please help me, it's really getting annoying... Ok, I guess I'm loosing more weight that way, but I'm sure this is not really healthy...

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Are you taking magnesium to help with sleep? Because that can cause diarrhea in some people. My husband had to go to taking it every other day, and then was able to just cut the dose in half. So, if you are taking the magnesium, I'd stop for a few days and see if that helps? Or, you just might have a bug? Hope you feel better!!

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Well, I had eggs this morning, too (just because I was so lazy), and I felt fine today...

Didn't eat nuts yesterday. But definetely getting some probiotics.

I always had problems with my digestion; I know I'm lactose intolerant, but couldn't leave out dairy until now. Found a great medicine though, and was fine with that.

But when I did intermittent fasting last year (one day with food, one without), I had diarrhea every day I ate again...

I will try to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. Thank you for your help!!!

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