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Sugar Dragon roared and I listened. Should I start over?


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So I have a serious sugar dragon.   I am a binge eater and it tends to get bad when I am stressed.  Well I had a bad night with my teenager and there was a lot of stress and I wanted something sweet.  I was a little hungry, but more for a snack then a real meal.   Well I ate a real meal just so I could have something sweet and I feel awful now.   Should I start over, add a day on or just chalk this up to lesson learned?

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So you're saying you wanted the banana and coconut... but in an effort to stay compliant you ate the meatloaf and cauliflower too (meal size) and overate to the point of feeling yuck?


*** I'm not a moderator - my opinion is that of a recovering binger not a whole 30 official...


Not a start over situation.  A learning experience (the first of many)... and there is nothing wrong with the idea of 'starting over'... I think we make a sort of big deal about that when if this is how we should eat longterm, it's not that big a deal to go back to Day 1 of 30.


Next time this happens - craving - you have a couple of options....


1 - you were concious of the fact that you were only a little hungry and wanted something to eat to calm you down from an emotional event.  This is a WIN.


2 - You made a choice that was healthy - both in what counted as  'sweet' and in an effort to not just keep eating bananas and coconout till you barfed pina colada - anther WIN


3 - Now think about what you might do next time.. cuz it willl happen and soon... do you try to calm yourself another way - phone a friend and vent:


"stupid teenagers! ARGGGH! Can I trade you for your newborn / toddler? No...okay.... well.... remember how cute teenager was as a baby (I've blanked out the sleepless nites and stomach viruses).... wait  nevermind, I will not kill the teenager and you can keep the toddler.  I gave away my baby leash and can't run as fast anymore anyway"


4 - walk around the block blaring inspirational music (to you)... boombox or ipod :)


5 - just eat the banana and coconut flakes.  Add some almonds ....enjoy it slowly  consider whether you're still hungry 15 minutes after that (set a timer and organize a drawer).  Food is medicine, you know,  I have to administer sweet potatoes / bananas sometimes and I don't feel bad about that because it used to be sleeves of crackers or quarts of ice cream.


6.  - count 20 between each bite of the full meal.  And when you're ready to stop - which if you're calm will be before you feel gross, just wrap it up and put it away for the next meal.


I'm sure there are more suggestions!  But I'm late for work.... :)

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I think you did great! You ate a real meal! It was balanced and nutritious. You didn't let it trigger an all out binge? and you stayed compliant. I had a huge sugar dragon too. My first whole30 was doable but I still craved sugar so I did a whole100 and gave myself permission to overeat as long as I stayed compliant. I am sure I gained 10 pounds but I broke my crippling sugar dependency. I then had lots of restarts (wine, chips and dark chocolate kept getting in the way but I was able to stay away from sweet stuff) before doing a great whole25 with three good meals a day, broke and had a rather large amount of imported sweets at work one day, had my first ice cream in 9 months a couple of days later then back into a new whole30 to work on portion sizes and eating the right volume of food for me! Day 4 already!

So in my view you are well on the way to develop new good habits and it doesn't matter if the journey isn't perfect as long as you can progress to a healthier you. Good luck.

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  Food is medicine, you know,  I have to administer sweet potatoes / bananas sometimes and I don't feel bad about that because it used to be sleeves of crackers or quarts of ice cream.


OH YES!! I remember the days (and nights) of Haagen Das and Ben, not to mention their accompanying ~frienemies~ "Chips Ahoy and chocolate cake!! :wacko:

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