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Purity Farms Ghee-Do you have to clarify this again?


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I have a quick question. I know that Purity Farms Ghee is approved, but is there a serving size recommended for ghee and Organic Valley Pasture Butter which has been clarified?


Also, do I need to clarify Purity Farms ghee again? I was not sure if you did not have to do anything to ghee vs. having the clarify the pasture butter.


Also, it does not say Grass Fed on the container, but it does say grass fed on the website, so do you think this is in fact grass fed or is it better to use Pure Indian Foods' version?


Please let me know.


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Your ghee is fine right out of the jar. A serving size is the size of your thumb-size of your thumb x 2 as per the meal template. If you are cooking with it you can be more liberal as most of the cooking fat doesn't end up on your plate anyway.

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