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Not seeing the results I was hoping to


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I found the flash drive with my thyroid numbers on it. 
In March 2012,


T3F - 2.8 pg/mL. Range 2.0-4.8
T4F - 1.2 ng/mL. Range 0.8-1.7
TSH - 1.27 mU/L. Range 0.45-4.50
T3R - 34 ng/dL. Range 11-32
The doctor at the time didn't think the RT3 was out of range enough to warrant worry. 
I haven't had them tested since.
I have a small battery of other tests (other hormones, pre-surgery blood work up, etc.) as well.
ETA - 
Also, this is the ratio thing I was worried about - http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/reverse-t3/ and http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/rt3-ratio/. Doing the math, my ratio is 8.2, and it's supposed to be above 20.
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I don't know much about any of the T3 or T4 stuff, but your TSH does look good. I'm stumped. I guess that's why I go to a doctor. :P But it seems like having everything on the lower end of the range always makes me feel better. Maybe that's just psychological, though.

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