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Starting Whole30 on September 16 - need help and support, please!


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It's sounds like we're all a little frustrated this week - does this go into the "kill-everything" from the timeline? I know for me, since I'm feeling better physically, I feel like everything else should be falling into place. But, obviously, the Whole30 is just a jump off for long-term habits and I need to be patient. 


@DC - They always say that truly beautiful skin comes from within so I bet your skin's healing will take longer as your body "cleans up" inside first. I'm not prone to skin issues but I have been breaking out this past week or so, I'm assuming from the food switch. Have you tried rubbing coconut oil on it and/or upping your coconut oil consumption?


@Karyna - I'm glad you're feeling better and getting back into the groove. How was the coconut chicken - is it a simple recipe? It sounds good. 


I faced a super temptation this afternoon as I was in town and my husband got the kids for soccer practice and I was ALL. ALONE. This rarely ever happens. I sooooo wanted to go to a coffee shop or get some kind of treat to celebrate. I was happy to go to the library alone but, boy, was I peevish about "what I was having to give up". If I wasn't on this thread and hadn't told some friends I was doing this, I would have totally caved. Thank you, forum friends!


M1: meatloaf, egg, sweet potato wedges, green tea with coconut oil

M2: chili, 1/2 avocado, herbal tea

M3: Hungarian goulash (new recipe - a keeper), cabbage, apple with almond butter


Exercise: kettlebell routine


We're a over a third of the way - we've got this!

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@ksweet- Good job resisting temptation!!!  I totally know what you mean about the board-- I've been tempted more than once but when I think about having to either tell you all (or lie about it) it really helps me get through it.


@karyna- I have been drinking a ton of water too.


My day 10


M1, 6:45: 2 sausages, 1/2 avocado, squash cooked with evoo and onion

M2, 12:15: Sweet potato hash with ground beef, peppers, onions, and two fried eggs; spinach salad w/ evoo, peach

M3, 5:45: Beef broth with a few veggies, Broiled cod w/ avocado-tomato salsa, Zucchini noodles (from WellFed- it's a great concept but I accidentally put way too much salt in them so they weren't really edible), cashews.


Yesterday was actually the first day that I didn't have any snacks at all!!!!!  Yay!  But-- I did eat dinner at what I would consider a ridiculous time for me.  I'm in a training course so I got home early and was going to meet a friend for a movie.  I'm not sure that I could do dinner that early on a regular basis, but perhaps I should think about it.


1/3 of the way through our Whole30!!!

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@ksweet- can you share your goulash recipe?  My husband loves it and I've never found a recipe I really like (not that I have tried that hard, to be honest).  


@karyna - is your breakfast casserole like a frittata?  Do you just chop up and cook the filling, then pour eggs over it and bake?  It looks good and I'm always looking for make-ahead breakfasts.

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@ksweet - the coconut chicken was really simple. Dredge the chicken in 1) coconut flour and almond flour, 2) egg with a bit of water, 3) shredded coconut, coconut flour, salt, chili pepper, paprika, ginger (or whatever spices you want). Bake on an oil-lined baking tray for about 30 min at 350. Easy. So good!


@New2WholeinDC - yes it is like a frittata. Grate 2 parsnips, 1 sweet potato. Dice green onions. Add in 4 eggs and 1lb pork mince. Put into an 8x8 tin (I put mine in a sandwich cake tin as I don't have a square tin). Bake at 350F for about 40 min. It's lasted me all week!


Yes it is that time of 'want to kill everyone' type of week.


My husband called me this morning to just ask me a question about whether his SIM card had come in the post, and I reamed him out over the phone. I was carrying two eggs, bacon etc in my hands and about to cook so the timing was off but there was no reason for me to get so angry. :(


Day 12 is so far so good. I'll post my meals later. Have a great Friday everyone!

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@ Karyna: My husband reminded me this week that during my first W30, I threw an avocado and yelled (cursing included) that I was sick of eating them. I also broke down and cried more than once because I was sick of cooking and just wanted to eat out. Problem was that we didn't have money to eat out. I totally get the "kill everything" mentality. You will get over it, and soon you will start to get in a rhythm and everything will fall more into its place without thinking or obsessing over it. Just keep pushing through it, and try to love and apologize to your family as much as possible. This phase won't last forever. 

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Day 12--


Felt a bit sluggish this morning, but it could have been because I had to delay breakfast by about 2 hours since I had to run out and do an errand before work.


I'm definitely getting into the 'why can't we just go out' and 'I just want to eat something fun' stages but I will try to resist and stay strong.


M1: Zucchini frittata, 1/2 avocado

M2: Braised red cabbage, Cod with avocado-tomato salsa, strawberries

M3: Turkey kielbasa, red peppers, swiss chard

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@Kberg - I was hoping you would chime in, since you've done this before. Last week I was reminding myself to just hang in there until the next week. This week I'm telling myself to just hang in there until next week! And, sorry, I had to laugh about the hurling avocado - but I definitely feel that way!


@Karyna - I'm trying that chicken soon!


@ DC - http://www.marksdailyapple.com/rich-and-hearty-hungarian-goulash/#axzz2g8fq4OV4  - Here's the goulash. let me know if you need me to type out the recipe and I'll do it when I'm not supposed to be working, lol! I was thinking your lunch looked more filling so I bet that helped with the snacking - good for you. 


@Ashley - how are you doing over in Missouri? Things going well?


I had another temptation today and I seriously thought about just eating it and not posting it tonight. But I stayed honest and am knocking out temptations all over the place. Woohoo. A feeble "woohoo" but still...


M1: meatloaf, sweet potatoes

M2: mixed meat fajitas, black tea

M3: goulash, apple with almond butter (I'm finding I'm not getting hungry much at all - guess that's a good thing). 

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Busy day but wanted to get my meal schedule up there. 


M1: apples and blueberries baked with almond meal, meatloaf, green tea with coconut oil

M2: HB egg, three rolls of ham with guacamole, apple

S: macs and raisins

M3: will be taco beef, carrots, cabbage, sauteed spinach


Hope everyone's having a great weekend. 

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Day 13 - maybe it's because it is the 13th day where my resolve was so low to the point that I even wanted to eat a low fat cereal bar, definition of all things processed and yuck. Many instances today where I just wanted to have a glass... correction, bottle... of wine. And funny enough, I had a food dream last night where I gave up and ate three bags is Doritos Cool Original. I woke up and it felt so real and I was so torn about what happened that I didn't even know if I had actually given up or not.

M1 - eggs fried in ghee, bacon, sweet potato hash, wilted spinach and strawberries
M2 - coconut chicken, sweet potato chips, spinach, a banana and cashew nuts
M3 - steak, sweet potato chips (see a pattern? I'm addicted!), sautéed kale and cashew nuts

Instead I stuck to plan and even avoided dried fruit. On to day 14!

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@kberg. Thank you for the words of wisdom - I do have to laugh at you throwing the avocado at hubby.

But today's been a good day. No hurling. Just slight irritation/tetchyness but hubby and I both worked together to do a bunch of cleaning and reorganising today. :)

Tomorrow, another birthday party. My daughter and I are just walking there so no chance of travel sickness. I plan to eat lunch just before we leave for the party so I won't be tempted to snack.

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You guys are all killing it! Well done. I've been up and down but have committed to my second W30 starting on the 1st of October. I think my brain copes better with that kid of organization ;) Can't wait to get back to feeling fabulous with lots of energy, just in time for the Aussie summer! 

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You guys are all killing it! Well done. I've been up and down but have committed to my second W30 starting on the 1st of October. I think my brain copes better with that kid of organization ;) Can't wait to get back to feeling fabulous with lots of energy, just in time for the Aussie summer! 


Good luck Breff!

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Hey Guys--


@karyna-  I have been dying for a glass of wine all weekend! I'm not a big drinker normally so I don't even know why but I just really, really want one and am very frustrated that I can't have one.


@ksweet- thanks for the link to the goulash- I'm going to try it as soon as I can get that cut of meat.


Yesterday went pretty well for me- we had brunch out and I ate so much that I wasn't hungry all afternoon.  We were also outside prepping and painting window frames so it may have helped that I had a big distraction.  I had just started to make dinner at home when the dog we're watching for a friend (70lb black lab) ran into me at just the right angle that he dislocated my knee.  This is a recurring injury for me but its been 6 years since I've injured my knee this badly.  I'm on crutches and can't put any weight on it for a couple of days.  It doesn't hurt but I'm just really, really frustrated that I won't be able to do yoga, talk walks, or swim for a few weeks.  When I've injured myself in the past it's pretty much always led to terrible eating since I've been stuck at home with nothing to do.... so I will try to stay positive and think that being on the Whole30 will help me get through this one.


Here's my Day 13


M1 (7:45): 3 egg frittata/ w zucchini

M2 (11:30): 6oz culotte steak, 2 over easy eggs, watercress salad, sweet potato fries (or shall I say chips : ), bordelaise sauce (it was some kind of beef gravy sauce and I checked the ingredients and they could make it compliant)

M3 (7:45):  The original dinner went out the window since I couldn't stand to cook it so I just had some leftover braised cabbage, a little tuna salad w/ olives and homemade mayo, and half a mango


Day 14

My sister spent the night so we took her to Pain Quotidian for breakfast-- I had a mushroom and ham omlette w/ salad.  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the day at this point.  I might get my husband to put all the ingredients for meals down on the dining room table so I can sit and do the prep work, then just stand at one spot in front of the stove to cook.... will report back to you all tonight how it goes.

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I am currently at a kids birthday party surrounded by the thing I love most - cake, and so many different kinds. I am literally dying inside because I just want the cake so bad. In my head I think, "I am missing out on this!" :(

Instead I ate some barbecued chicken then after I ate it realised it had been marinaded in soy sauce. Crap.

Today I ask "WHY AM I DOING THIS?!"

I had to rant.

Okay am leaving the party now because I am too torn by all the cake.

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Oh no, DC, I so hope you'll recover soon! Perhaps the Whole30 eating will help you recover more quickly. Wellness Mama says adding gelatin to your food helps joints (though I realize yours is a more serious injury). Wish I could help you out! 


As for the wine, that was in the timeline, too, in that they mentioned having weird cravings for things you don't even normally have cravings for. 


@Karyna - good for getting out of there. Sometimes, the only thing that has enabled me to not cave is to think about eating as much _____ (fill in the blank) after the 30 days. I can't tell you how many gut-wrenching things I have planned for day 31, lol! But it does help me to remember that whatever food it is, will be there on October 16th, if I really want it then. Way to stick with it though!


Went to Sam's Club and stocked up and then cooked up a bunch of breakfast foods so I'm hoping this will be an easier week. 


M1: meatloaf, HB egg, apple

M2: fajitas, black tea

M3: chicken chili, baked pumpkin, seltzer with a bit of OJ


Does anyone know if chai tea is okay (like, in tea bags)? Mostly it looks like spices but it does say :"natural flavorings" and I don't know what that might mean.


Does anyone know if Ashley's still going strong?

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@karyna- good for you for staying strong and avoiding the cake.  I think the bit of soy you ate from the chicken is far less 'off program' than a slice of cake would have been.  I know what you mean though about the 'what's the point' feelings-- my hands are super itchy today (that's where the eczema is worst) and I have a giant pimple on my neck (that's perhaps an overshare) that makes me feel like giving up everything isn't worth it.  But then I think that we've made it through 14 days-- that's almost halfway there-- and I really do want to try to make it through the whole month


@ksweet- thanks for the tip about gelatin.  I just drank some homemade bone broth and have a chicken broth going in the slow cooker.  I'm planning to have a cup a day while my knee heals-- maybe it will help : )  I think bags of chai tea that don't list any form of sugar as an ingredient and have 0 calories are fine...


Here's the rest of my day 14


M1, 9:15am: Mushroom and ham omlette, salad

M2, 1:15pm: 3 slices deli turkey, seaweed salad, cauliflower rice pilaf, small avocado (I knew at the time there wasn't enough protein in this meal but I had nothing else prepared at home... this led to-

Snack, 4:15: slice of zucchini frittata, 7 green olives

M3, 7:30: Italian chicken sausage and peppers in tomato sauce on spaghetti squash with some macadamia nuts and dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice) for dessert.

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Hi ksweet and New2Whole30inDC - Karyn realised we were doubling up on posts again so I'm going to keep posting in this forum http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/13608-day-1-of-whole-30-today/ rather than this one. See you both there!


@New2Whole30inDC - have you tried any products for your hands? My daughter had terrible eczema on her back and her elbows and we used a vegan and organic bath gel and moisturiser and it's gotten rid of it. I love the products because they're pure, safe and beneficial and not loaded with strong medicine/chemicals and can be used long-term.


See you both in the other forum! :)

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DC - I hope you'll come over with us. Karyna was posting on both threads and there's another person on the thread so if we all go to one thread - well, we'll have a slightly bigger group and it'll be easier for Karyna. 


And I hope you're recovering well. 

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