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"Recovery" by Purica – Thoughts?


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I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about or has tried Recovery by Purica?


My brother is taking it for his seasonal/environmental allergies and says he's had great success with it. I too suffer from terrible allergies and have to take an antihistamine and a decongestant every single day, year round. I would rather be taking something more natural and less pharmaceutical, and if this is a good option... sign me up. (My Whole50 and subsequent paleo diet haven't noticeably helped with this particular ailment, sadly.) 


Thanks in advance!

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have you tried the low-histamine variant of the Whole30? here's the shopping list:



There's nothing _wrong_ with that supplement, but it's probably unnecessary and a waste of money. All of the things in there you can get from real food and would probably be more bioavailable than the forms in the supp (note that i don't know anything about the specific bioavailability of that stuff)


You could try it, see if it helps, and if it does, you know you need some more of the stuff in that list, so more green leafy veggies, more berries, more seafood.

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