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Thai Chicken Curry


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You don't need to add anything to thicken the sauce!!!


I use 1 can trader joes coconut milk (people complain it is too watery because it is the low fat, but its compliant and less expensive) 1 can of regular fat coconut milk, dump in curry powder (never measure) and mix well. Poor over 5-8 chx breasts and/or precut salmon and tons of cauliflower. Cook covered 350 for 1 hour plus.  If you eat it immediately, it is not that thick, but still yummy. After a day, the caulifower aids in thickening it- breaks up- becomes like a stew, yet enough sauce to pour over steamed broccoli (broccoli does not cook well with the original batch, gets too mushy).


This is my winter staple, it is super cold or warmed.

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You need to "crack the coconut" and you will get the yummiest, creamiest curry ever!




Here is the specific part about the coconut milk, its awesome. Make sure you chill the coconut milk so it separates properly. 


Open the can of coconut milk. DO NOT SHAKE IT! You want it to be as separated as possible. Scoop the thick cream out (should be about the top half of the can) and carefully (stand back-make sure you're wearing pants) place it in the red hot pan. By now your stove fan should be on and front door open because it's gonna smoke like crazy. This step is called “cracking the coconut†and it is crucial to getting proper curry. Heat/boil/stir the coconut cream for a good 3 minutes. You want it to reduce and break. You will see a change happen where the coconut oil breaks out as the water is evaporated. At this time add your curry paste and mix well to blend it in. The hot coconut fat will do magic on the curry paste and cause the essential oils in the paste to break out.

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