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Day 28 and boom: FLU

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I'm soooo upset!!! I was almost through my third

Whole30 until the Sat. Night when only hours before meal 3 i was queasy and sick!! Not only did the horrendous display of stomach pyrotechnics continue until this morning, but all i've had was a small amount of potato soup, water and ginger ale... I tried eating eggs, lean turkey, and chicken all with veggies but my stomach quickly and firmly rejected all of them. Until this afternoon I was able to eat and maintain probably a 1/2 cup of soup, but dang it!! Not a way to end a whole30 (or whole28 1/2 lol)...

So i'm taking a week of rest and starting again Oct.7-- has anyone else had a flu issue during a whole30?? I tried soooo hard to eat compliant but my body wasn't having it :(

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