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Day 23 and feeling more exhausted then ever

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Hello -

I am doing the whole30 with my mother and boyfriend, and we are all really enjoying eating this way, however we have all been positively exhausted in the afternoons. More so then we were before we started. 


We eat till we're not hungry, but is it possible we need to eat more? 


Here's what we've been eating:

Lunch today:

Fish cakes (fish, mayo, eggs, almond flour, spices)

Root veggie coleslaw


Breakfast: (the same most days)

2-3 eggs 


veggies of some sort in the eggs


Dinner yesterday:

Moroccan chicken soup


Lunch yesterday:

Bora bora fireballs

Thai veggies (with almond butter in the sauce)


Breakfast yesterday:

Squash "lasagna" with meat sauce


Also, I go for a short (less then 3 miles) jog most mornings before breakfast, so does eating breakfast count as my post wo meal? Or do I somehow need to cram in another one?


Other then this tired thing, whole30 life is good. I've definitely lost weight, we all have. And no sugar cravings.


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My guess is that you need to eat more. Your meals sound small. Find the meal template on the website and make sure you are eating according to the template or more.

Eating until you feel satisfied may not be enough.

Jogging three miles does not mandate an extra meal, but if you get hungry between meals you could add another meal to your day.

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