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grapeseed oil

Myzsa Grandell

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I know this is addressed in the whole30 success guide and don't want to mispeak before confirming tonight (so this is MY educated opinion) but I would personally say to stay FAR away from grapeseed oil and vegetable oil. Grapeseed is very high in PUFA's (poly unsaturated fatty acids) and oxidize easily which means when consumed in excess, can cause a host of problems in your body. Here are two great sources for details on oil quality and which are OK to eat and cook with:



Coconut oil is what many of us use for cooking as well as grass-fed ghee or clarified grass-fed butter. This is actually not a silly question at all. While I love that 99% of whole30 is just about eating really obvious whole food, oils can be tricky.

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So the success guide doesn't note grape seed specifically but it does say the following:

Avoid all “vegetable†oils like peanut, soybean, corn, canola, safflower and sunflower. These oils are far too high in fragile polyunsaturated fat to be stable during cooking, and contribute an excess of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids to our diet.

Grapeseed as I mentioned is very high in PUFAs so it's out!

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