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Round One - Day 9


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I could get lost in this site with so much helpful information and inspiration.


I am on day 9 and would say it feels good so far.  Almost 14 years ago I lost my 60 lbs of (3rd) baby fat by switching to a low carb life style and have maintained....except that last few years I have felt the creep - 15+ lbs from my ideal weight now.


I embarked on this Whole 30 to try to combat that creep, make a clean break from a couple food/beverage "reliances" that I just felt trapped by.  Finally, I did it because I want to feel vibrant and full of energy.


The first week - I was not a stickler for portions....I ate til I felt satisfied; trying to to just feel as good as possible during the tougher parts.  I really didn't have the carb flu because I haven't eaten a lot of carbs for so many years.  I had headaches...withdrawal from lots and lots of coffee, cream, stevia, soy, and my nightly glass or two of wine/beer?  But not too bad.


The second week, I've started trying to be more careful about portion sizes.  I am fighting my brain that wants to calculate calories and carbs...and admit I have started.  But I'm trying to not be too ruled by it and focus more on the spirit of the book.


Here's today....


This a.m.


Aidele's chicken apple (1.5 sausages)

Purple sweet potato mash (with coconut milk nutmeg and cinnamon) 1/3 cup

Clarified butter


This afternoon


Chicken Italian Sausage

Broccoli Mash (cooked, food processed, coconut milk) - a generous serving

Slices of tomato


This eve I'll have


Large prawns - with a little lemon and clarified butter

Probably more of the broccoli mash

10 olives

10 cashews


I haven't eaten fruit for 13 years...I'm really afraid to.  I have thought to myself - if I can, with this program lose the 15 needed pounds, maybe I can start having berries and grapefruit...or more.


I have a lot of fear that the amount that I have restricted my diet over these many years, my metabolism is used to existing on low carbs - and no fruit - and times of low caloric intake.  I want to get that metabolism revved.  I hope that can happen!


I know sweet potatoes are higher in carbs...but I really do adore them.  I've started many of my days with them for breakfast in modest quantities.  I've posted a pic of the purple sweet potatoes that I made.  The color is SOOOO beautiful.


I'm trying my very first butternut squash as we speak.  I'm going to taste it for the first time tomorrow.  These are vegetables (sweet potatoes and squash) that I've never allowed myself to have in the past because of the carb content.  I'm trying them!  I'll let you know tomorrow about the butternut squash.


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how vibrant are your potatoes :) I've never had a purple flesh sweet potato - the only ones I've seen here are purple skinned but white inside and they don't taste anywhere near as nice as the orange ones.


I would really urge you to eat more, and stop calorie counting/weighing/measuring. you mentioned wanting to rev up your metabolism - this is only going to happen if you give your body the fuel it needs!! eating more will make it realise you aren't starving it any more, and it will start to use the fuel for energy rather than storing it.  you may put on a little weight at first, but it will really help you out in the long term if you've been in starvation mode for years. please don't let this discourage you


your meals look light on in vegetables - i'd aim for 2-3 cups per meal. still incorporate your starchy vegies, but add some other vegies in to the mix. if you're eating starchy vegies, get some fruit in to you as well! include some with a meal - don't be afraid of carbs. your body needs fat and carbs to "go" :)

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Stubby - I totally get you on feeling the need to weigh and measure everything.  After a few years on WW, it is a hard habit to break.  And I'm so used to living hungry, I feel like I'm doing something wrong if I'm anywhere approaching full.  amberino is full of good advice as always.  Those purple sweet potatoes look amazing!   :wub:

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SaraRuns...thanks.  I've never done WW.  I've been low carb for so long....that's the one that I need to start ignoring the most.  Bad habit.  If the carbs come from veggies I need to learn to think of them differently.


Had the butternut squash for the first time this a.m. with clarified butter  It didn't have as much flavor as the sweet potato...probably need to put in more spice next time.  I read somewhere that someone puts jalapeno in their butternut squash.  That might amp it up.  I had ground chicken as well.


I had probably 4 handfuls of baby spinach, a red pepper, some tomato, 10 cashews and ground chicken in a big chopped salad at lunch.  The avocado dressing recipe.....maybe I just really don't like the olive oil.  I used extra light (in the mayo), but I'm not digging the dressing.  SO, I mixed 1 part avocado dressing, one part pureed broccoli, and one part coconut milk.  It was still pretty light on flavor, but I liked it better than the avocado dressing straight.  I'll have to look for more dressing recipes - possibly sans olive oil.  I'd like to experiment with the Thai pastes (I have red and green).  Maybe with coconut milk and a dash of sesame oil?


Tonight I I'll have a generous serving of the broccoli from yesterday and probably some tomato slices and olives.  I have just a few prawns left and I'm almost done with the ground chicken so I'll probably finish up both of those.


Getting ready to travel next week so I'm trying to figure out how to plan.


Sleeping - I always have trouble getting to sleep.  I've been having sleepy time tea and that helps (no soy - luckily - many of my teas turned out had soy lecithin).  I will sometimes take 3mg of melatonin - hmmmm I wonder if that's not compliant.  I would say the last couple days I've slept overly soundly compared to pre Whole 30.  Maybe good.  Not sure yet.


That's it of for day 10.

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You can make creamy salad dressing with out mayo, using just avocado? Whiz it up in the food processor with lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar and herbs/spices/salt :)

Try other oils too - I wouldn't recommend avo oil mayo, I tried it and thought it tasted horrid, but macadamia oil might be lighter in flavour?

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Day 11.  


M1  Chicken crumble (with some tomato paste and tomatoes) and more broccoli..olives and cashews (10 each) 


M2 Made a chicken thai with veggies - onions, peppers, garlic, and cabbage.  I really liked the cabbage sauteed up - like to think of more ways to make that.  Crunchy.


M3 Chicken Apple Sausage and a blend of cauliflower and butternut squash.


Yesterday after I posted (after lunch), I definitely noticed that I was really and felt a bit drained after that humongo salad.  I actually snacked on 10 cashews and upped portion size at dinner.  Trying to listen to my body and not over think.


Today didn't have that at all - so was happy.


Other than that really no negatives to speak of.  Headaches almost all gone.  I think because I'm eating more than I usually do and am eating more carbs than I usually do, I'm probably not loosing any weight.   My clothes don't feel like I am.  But....primary goal is to get the relationship with food on a better course, break some bad habits, and feel more energetic.  Maybe as my body adjusts I might, down the road, enjoy some weight loss.  For now I'm staying the course and all is good on day 11.

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personally, i'd say you didn't eat enough at lunch on the previous day - hence the tiredness and the need for a snack and bigger dinner! salad really isn't that "substantial" - your day 11 meals, with more cooked vegies, were likely bigger in terms of caloric value and satisfied you longer.


you're only on day 11 - I wouldn't think about your body composition, it only makes you second guess what you're eating and doing. you are also only 1/3rd of the way through! a lot will happen in the next 19 days :)

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I've made some curries with the red and green thai pastes and coconut milk, yum!  Also, I really like cinnamon on my starchy veggies - sweet potatoes and squashes.  Sounds like you are listening to your body and adjusting based on that, great job!


I'm also trying not to get too hung up on whether or not I'm losing, is my stomach getting flatter, etc.  The scale is pretty much always in the back of my thoughts, but so far I've been keeping it there.


Any luck with better sleep so far?

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Thx Sara - I'm sleeping overly well.  Very, very soundly.  I guess that can be a good thing (better than the opposite I think).  Just some mornings I've been a little tired.  I think it's leveling out.  I'm still taking a Melatonin most nights to get to sleep - but I'm watching for signs that I might be able to stop that.  Crossing my fingers.


Day 12 Rocked!  I slept in a little - got up and was about as productive as I could ever be.  In a really good mood.  Social bug - talking on the phone while doing yard work.  Really a notable overall day - felt so consistently good.  All day I was just saying to myself how good I felt and how grateful I was.


Food - 


M1  chicken sausage - blend of 1/4 white sweet potato and about 1 c of butter nut squash.


M2 and M3 - had the rest of the Thai Chicken I made the other day.  Ample veggies - cabbage, onions, and peppers. Lunch I added some olives.  Dinner I added some tomato slices and olives.


One of my key goals is to have more consistent vibrant energy so I'm really happy after today.  


Got a big bag of cauliflower from Costco so I'm going to make a big batch tomorrow.



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Wihoo on a great day!  Hope that continues for sure.


I can't do the melatonin, unfortunately.  Bad dreams, waking up after two hours of sleep to horrible paranoia.  Yikes!   :o   I'm working with the natural calm, but no luck.


Hope today is a good one!  Yum, cauliflower.  I made cauli rice over the weekend, really good.

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I guess I'm day 14.  


Fairly smooth sailing.  I'm still sleeping really hard which is good and bad.  I went to bed last night at 8:30 and slept straight to 3:30 then back again til almost 7.  Really deep sleep which is good in some ways but I still feel pretty tired later in the morning that I usually do.  Not too worried about it.  Just interesting.


Food yesterday was 


M1 - my normal 1.5 chicken sausages and a blend of butternut/cauliflower and sweet potato.


M2 - I messed up...I used the spice combination for "the best chicken ever" that is talked about a lot on this site.  I coated cooked chicken (cubed) with it and warmed it with the spices and clarified butter.  Hmmm....tasted weird.  Chili powder didn't work in this application.  Live and learn.  I ate it with my new batch of Cauli Mash, some cashews, and tomato slices.


M3 - Ate too late because I indulged in a 1.5 hour walk on the beautiful Oregon Coast with a friend that didn't get me home till 7:30.  But I warmed up the last (sadly) of that cabbage/onion/pepper mix I made a couple days ago and devoured it.  For the meat a scraped together some ends of the chicken from lunch and the chicken from yesterday.  10 olives.


All in all feeling o.k.  Digestive issues seem to be talked a lot about...I'd say I've had some gassy rumbely-ness as well - but nothing significant.  I think just eating a lot of veggies when you aren't used to eating that quantity will require your system to adjust.


O.K.  that's good for day 14 - I guess tomorrow is my literal "hump day" (day 15) - and it's a Wednesday as well.  Appropriate.

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Hi Sara....thanks for checking in...I think like you, I've been traveling.  I returned home last night from a whirl wind trip to see son #1, mom and dad, brother, niece, nephew, son #3's girlfriend, and finally son #2.  14 hours of driving, 3 colleges, and lots of great visits later, I've returned to my growing pile of work (which I'm clearly avoiding while I post here).


I prepped well.  I took my cooler - made sure the hotel had a fridge and microwave.  All breakfasts were my favorite blend of cauliflower, butternut, and small amount of sweet potato.  Protein was the chicken apple sausages pre-sliced.  All lunches were ground chicken with sausage spices and broccoli mash.   All dinners were my thai chicken thigh chunks as well as cabbage, onions and celery.  I had coffee with cinnamon every morning and tea after noon (no caffeine and no soy lecithin).  I ate out two times and opted for steak and steamed veggies.  My staple fats were clarified butter and/or coconut milk.


There wasn't any snacking (mostly because we were constantly busy) and a little less variety than normal...but I was very prepared so that felt good.  I had no rumbly tummy the entire trip.  Have to say it went well.  I am thinking that cashews/nuts might have been what was giving me the rumbly tummy a week or so ago.  That's the primary thing I eliminated and I've seen improvement.


I guess I'm on day 20.   In the next 10 days...I really want to work on variety.  I'm such a creature of habit - and I think that is my enemy sometimes.  Habit and dependency.....sometimes go together in my mind.  I want to be free to eat MORE types of food and not fear that I won't be satisfied.  Eggs - my brain says yuck.  I've eaten them once in the last 20 days and after the meal I said - I'm not satisfied - wasted a meal.  I want to overcome this (probably mental) barrier.  Normally I eat LOTS of salads but in the last 20 days I've avoided them because they have left me feeling less satiated and I haven't yet landed on a dressing that I like.  In the next 10 days...I'm going to work on finding ways to incorporate these and more foods....prove to myself that I can be satiated with things that aren't familiar.  Brussels Sprouts.  I think I'd dig them.  I guess a grocery trip is coming up soon.


O.K.  now to tie me to my chair and try to dig out of my overflowing piles of catch-up.

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Wow, that's a lot of travel!!!  Sounds like a great trip.  And you were well-prepared,  good for you!   :D


As for mixing things up a bit, I really like the websites: 








Again, great job on being compliant while travelling, you should be proud of yourself!

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Day 23.  Feeling so - so.  Nothing specific.  Scattered.  Been searching for more diversity in food options.


In the last couple of days I've tried some new things.  I made a large patty with ground chicken and and egg mixed in - with spices.  Cooked it. Layered on top spinach, a whole avocado/guac, 3/4 of a big tomato, and baby spinach.  OK.


Tried another recipe with pumpkin and eggs and coconut milk....not so good.  Ate it but definitely not too yummy.


Did a double batch of broccoli and cauliflower.  Didn't food process....just did lemon and clarified butter.  OK.


I can't find a lot of foods in the recipes my stores.  Sunflower butter with no sugar...coconut aminos...coconut flour...compliant bacon....compliant broths....still looking.  Basically choices for shopping on my coast are Safeway, Fred Meyers and Costco.  Next month I will go to the big city and can try to find a Whole Foods or something like that.  I have a few things in the cart at Amazon - but I keep finding they tend to be over priced.


I'm determined to get a cast iron pan so I can make the fritatta recipe and I'm determined to try the chocolate chili recipe with spaghetti squash (never had before spaghetti squash).


I think I'm in an over thinking mode - probably nothing to do with diet.  Still plugging.


Sara - no the puppy picture is not my dog - he just makes me smile.  We had 2 dog kiddos before our three boys were born.  Our last lovely passed on in 2005.  I'm close to having all boys away from me in college (gulp - one more year).  I've been telling my husband that another puppy might just show up one day.  I'm definitely having fun thinking about all those cute faces.  I want a smaller dog (all dogs in our family have been big dogs).  My husband doesn't like smaller dogs - so I keep researching breeds to find a small dog that doesn't have the characteristics that will drive the hubby crazy.  I guess you can tell - I'm a bit of an over thinker!  Working on that too.  Hope you are well!!!

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Day 24 - so so still.  Yesterday's meals.


M1 - Favorite mash...combo of sweet potato - cauliflower - and bn squash.  Apple chicken sausage.


M2 - Braised cabbage and onions in coconut milk.  Ground chicken.


M3 - Hamburger with seasonings - tomato and avocado.  Celery root slices baked in coconut oil with paprika and cinnamon.

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Well, I love the puppy picture.  We would like to get a dog, but between allergies and no one being home all day, we're hesitant.  Having all your boys at college sounds like a perfect time to get a dog.  How about a mid-sized dog, maybe something to make you both happy.


theclothesmakesthegirl website has a great recipe for making the spaghetti squash, it turned out great the three times I've used it.  Hope you score some good products when you hit the big town for supplies.  Even here on the East Coast, I have trouble tracking some things down. I've resorted to Amazon a few times, but it is definitely pricey with shipping.  No Whole Foods close to me (at least an hour drive).


Hope you have a great weekend!

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Day 26 - Yesterday's meals


M1 - chicken sausage crumble....straight sweet potato.  I've been trying to blend it with cauli and squash to lessen the carb impact, but I didn't have time.  Just cut of 1/3 a cooked purple sweet potato and ate it.  


M2 - Made the chocolate chili.  Served with generous serving of roasted bn squash


M3 - Steak - Guac - sauteed veggies - peppers, onions, spinach, tomoato.  Fresh pico de gallo


I've not come out of my day 22-23 day lull.  Very low energy.  Food doesn't taste good.  Down.  Don't know if it's the food...but I'm bummed because this was the key issue I was hoping to overcome with this dietary change.  30 days will be Thursday.  The book says if you don't feel amazing - keep going.  I'm, thinking I'll be going beyond Thursday.  That doesn't bother me.  I just wish I could figure out my bodies bio-rhythms that keeps me regulalry dropping into the blues and the extremely lows of energy.


I'll keep plugging.  I think I'm doing great on adhering to the 2 -4 cups of veggies per meal....plenty of fat...no caffiene after noon.


I'll keep plugging.

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Sara - thanks!  I'm such a downer....food is just not tasting good to me.  The chocolate chili; I feel like my taste buds are different than the rest of the worlds.  Everyone seems to love it.  I want to keep trying different things though.   I've been the pickiest eater my whole life, but if I continue to consume things, I tend to start liking them.  So - I will keep trying new things and give them second and third chances to let my taste buds expand.


Thanks for the continuing encouragement.  I'm sending some back your way for the tummy troubles.

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So day 27.  I've been reading a lot of posts this weekend.  I'd like to balance some positives with negatives to help round out my perspective - primarily for me.


Positive - if you would have told me that I would be satisfied drinking coffee with cinnamon and coconut milk - I would have told you NEVER.  I thought for sure I'd switch to another a.m. drink...but after a while - it tastes o.k.  Great -No.  But calmly acceptable and a lot less "addicting".  Free of feeling addicted is a KEY goal for me and my relationship with food and drink. Kept to my noon cut off for caffeine.  It all feels "healthy".


Positive - I always have a little rumbly tummy.  I have clearly found that nuts (cashews and almonds) contribute.  I haven't had those for a while and I've done much better.  Coconut oil (not coconut milk which seems to be my best friend on the planet) - might cause a little rumble.  Maybe salt....still trying to pin that down a little but this process really helps identify things.


Negative - a lot of the recipes and foods that other people are just loving -  I'm just not there yet.  Either the recipes just don't seem to have enough flavor (what my husband says) - or the flavors just aren't to my liking.  In the beginning I had some moments of - wow I never thought I'd eat this and like it (happy moments).  But there have been many meals that I've finished the meal and thought - what a waste of a meal - no satisfaction.


Positive - I've consistently taken my 5000 D3 (compliant) (I'm terrible with supplements).  


Negative - I been quite down since day 22...scattered...very LOW ENERGY.  Still no signs of lifting.  Trying to talk about it/log it instead of my normal - ignore and try to be Polly-sunshine. I truly don't believe it is related to quantities of food, carbs, or fat.  Definitely nothing new in the over-all course of my life....just was so wishing that the food regulation would level this out for me.  BUT - it's only been 27 days.  Rome wasn't built in 27 days.


Positive/Negative - Sleep continues to be a positive and negative.  I always struggle to fall asleep and this continues - but I'm sleeping so deeply (have the entire 27 days).  I've "slept-in" more than ever.  I bet I've averaged 9 hours sleep a night which sounds good, but the bad is that usually my most productive and happy hours are early mornings.  I've had NO early mornings this entire time - no day that I've just hopped out of bed eager to attack the day.  


Positive - I think I've been about a true as possible to the program and all the recommendations.  If there are weak areas - I have on occasion bought regular chicken and beef - probably 80% good stuff and 20% regular old variety protein.  


Neutral - Exercise - I have committed to a tame goal of simply keeping up with 4 -5 good long walks a week.  I've been a gym rat in phases of my life and know what that feels like and how it impacts my moods, etc. For the first 30 days - I wanted to eat plenty - sleep plenty - and exercise moderately.  I've been true to that.  My hope was that the periods of low energy would lessen and in my second 30 days - I'd try to get back to a slightly more rigorous exercise plan.  I'm still hoping for that but would like to get to a phase of higher energy.


Positive - The log has allowed me to look back and analyze which is great for my personal insights.  I know this tool is great for social reasons - but in my case I think it's just the first time other than myfittnesspal.com that I've kept track of things - most importantly observations.  Memory isn't always accurate.




M1 choc chili- butternut squash (added cinnamon and coconut milk to both).


M2 Ground chicken/spices and my favorite blend of caili/bn squash/sweet potato


M3  "taco salad" with ground beef - pico de gallo - spinach - guac for dressing - romaine - more tomatoes - olives

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