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Round 2 - Nov 4th


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new here and excited to explore the boards and hopefully "meet" some new people.


I'm 26, from Ottawa Ontario (Canada) and to date I have lost 85lbs (over the last 3 years). The last year has been quite the struggle for me, I've gained and lost the same 5-10lbs weekly. I have tried EVERYTHING - Weight Watchers, personal training, classes, the gym, no carb, low cab etc and I feel like nothing is working anymore, so in turn I have developed a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. I'm either a stress eater or a stress non-eater - ugh.


I tried the Whole30 with my husband a couple of months back and didn't make it past day 5 before we caved in and ordered pizza. I was miserable, even though I kept reading through the "what to expect" timeline of Whole30 I just couldn't stick with it.


I feel like, for me, it is all in my head - when I know I can't have something, that is when I want it the most and my self control is non-existent. I can't talk myself out of bad choices, but I end up feeling miserable after I'm done. A vicious cycle that I want so desperately to get out of.


I would like to start again on November 4th. Right now we're in the middle of a cycle of Clomid due to a 6 year struggle with "unexplained" infertility, and I am hoping that I can be successful with Whole30 and it will help us with conceiving (if Clomid doesn't).


Is anyone interested in starting on November 4th? I need to be held accountable & kicked in the butt ;) 




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Though I'll not be starting again this soon, I just wanted to reach out and offer support. Eating whole (and organic) foods seem to have done wonders for many when it comes to fertility, so here's hoping it'll work for you, too! Just take it one day at a time and try not to stress. Stressing over things isn't ever going to solve anything. Quite the opposite, so why do it! :-) I know it's easier said than done, but just wanted to point that out. Just focus on the current moment and think if you really need the pizza, or could you just as well satiate your hunger with other types of food choices. The pizza will still be available in the future if you still crave it after your Whole30.


Best of luck to you both!

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I know what you mean about wanting to cave....... I almost cried a couple of times the first few days because I missed certain things so much.  PIzza is one of my favorites.  The biggest thing is if you can get through the first week (which is the hardest) you can say no to so many things after that!  I am on my first 30 and on day 18.  I still am shocked by how well I have done.  I have never been able to follow any type of restriction program. 


I think the best advice is preparation. I think if you do a big cook up at the beginning and have some simple easy meals on hand, then you are less likely to cave.  If you were miserable you should try some different recipes that may make you like the food you are eating and crave the food you miss less. 


Trust me it gets easier to not cave.... we are having a celebration lunch today for Halloween filled with all kinds of goodies and I left all the treats behind.  It was empowering for sure!


Don't beat yourself up, you just have to be ready to do this.  That is key!  And it sounds like you are.  We will all support you!  This is a great group of people. 

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