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  1. sjosey77

    What's your favorite cauliflower recipe? One word. Yum.
  2. sjosey77

    My Paleo Mayo is salty... bleh

    FYI, I use here recipe and I don't let my ingredients come to room temp, it turns out fine every time! :-)
  3. sjosey77

    P.F. Chang's - Anything?

    I have no clue if anything that is already on the menu is Whole 30 approved, but I will tell you that they can not deviate from their menu because everything is already prepackaged. We were told this by the manager when a friend asked to have something else made due to her allergies. She couldn't eat anything. So..... if you go there with the hopes of asking to make you something off the cuff, it is more than likely not going to happen. Sorry. Just sharing from my personal experience.
  4. sjosey77

    Salad dressing recipes or brands?

    It's da bombdiggity! Try it if you can find it. It's great with spinach, raw pecans, red onions, apples and fresh pepper. I like this instead of your traditional salad on occasion.
  5. sjosey77

    Pressure Cooker

    I believe I will be investing in one. Yeah, the one we had was older and I am sure they have come a long way! Thank you!
  6. sjosey77

    Pederson's Natural Paleo Bacon

    If you don't have it at your Whole Foods, contact them and they can take it under consideration. They are a great company and very quick to respond.
  7. sjosey77

    Pederson's Natural Paleo Bacon

    It is great bacon! I love this bacon and buy a ton when I can get it. They run out at my store because everyone is buying it. If you can, try it baked at 350 for about 20 minutes on parchment paper.
  8. sjosey77

    Pressure Cooker

    Tom, I know very little about pressure cookers because I am scared to death of them. Let's just say my sister had a freak accident with one. What exactly are you cooking in them, aren't they suppose to cut the time of cooking down? I would rather ask someone that is singing its praises than just to read something online.... Thanks!
  9. sjosey77

    Salad dressing recipes or brands?

    Have your thought about buying balsamic that has aged at least 25 years? They tend to be milder. We have a shop in my town that sells flavored ones and because of the age it cuts the acid. I felt the same way you did about them being too acidic. If I use a vinegar I will add some chopped apple to the salad to help it too. If you can find rosemary oil and lavendar vinegar it is really a nice combo. Otherwise I use mayo as a base with either lemon juice or coconut vinegar and mix whatever herbs I prefer. I make paleo ranch all the type. Nom nom and Well Fed has great recipes of those on their websites.
  10. Baked chicken with mayo on top and herbs of your choice is a very easy and tasty meal!
  11. sjosey77

    April 7 people - How are you all doing?

    As long as it is pure olive oil it can any type you want.
  12. sjosey77

    April 7 people - How are you all doing?

    It literally says "Extra Light Olive Oil" Bertolli makes some that is easy to find at most stores. If you have a BJ warehouse near you they have a coupon for $3.50 off a large bottle. So it is less than $15! I got mine yesterday.〈=en
  13. sjosey77

    April 7 people - How are you all doing?

    Mayo is not that hard with the hand blender. I used to think that you needed for everything to be room temp and that doesn't even matter. I use the clothes makes the girl recipe and it is great. I put everything in a cup and use my emersion blender and I have mayo in a matter of seconds. I make mayo all the time and it really is very simple. one large 1/2 tsp dry mustard 1/2 tsp of salt 2 TB of lemon juice (I squeeze mine) 1 and 1/4 cup of LIGHT olive oil. (DON'T USE EXTRA VIRGIN, too strong) or you can use Grapeseed, Avocado oil up to you I use a glass drinking glass that fits my blender and then go to town! You can do it. And it is great to use to make dressings, dips, etc etc. I am on day 7 and it is going well! The past two days were tough with the carb withdrawals. The cravings are there with a passion but I have had them before so I am ready to fight them! Yes, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, it makes a difference.
  14. sjosey77

    Left-over rotisserie chicken recipes

    Chicken Chili. I prefer red chili made with chicken than with hamburger. Just leave out the beans and add a great mix of veggies, like chopped onion, tomatoes, zucchini, red bell peppers and it will be chucky and yummy! Also make your own spice blend to make it Whole 30 and even better!
  15. sjosey77

    Penzey's spices... too many options! What's your favorite?

    I love Penzey's! Sunny Paris is my absolute favorite. It is one of their most expensive blends, but it is so yummy! I use it for dressings, a chicken topper etc etc. I buy a few spices at a time because I would spend too much. Make yourself a wish list and buy a few that really spark your interest. If you buy $30 at a time, it's free shipping. Arizona Dreaming is good too. Greek seasoning is a classic.