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W30 + Acupuncture Herbs for Fertility?

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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of starting a whole30 to help with our journey to conceive.

I eat mostly paleo but have been slipping up too much lately. I think a W30 would help kickstart me back into shape.


I see an acupuncturist every other week for fertility treatments and she has me drinking 'tea' twice a day. I was wondering if these teas are allowed on a W30 or not?

If not I can just do a 30 days strict paleo rather than a proper W30. But I would be following all of the other W30 principles. 


If they are ok: Has anyone any experience with Acupuncture TCM herbs while on W30 in order to conceive naturally and quickly?


Thank you for your help! We are 6 months into our journey and I have uncontrolled/unknown bleeding throughout my cycle and I would like to get it on track.




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