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Going off a supplement


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I'm having a problem in my attempt at Whole30 and hoping someone can help. 


I'm 22 years old and until a year and a half ago, very athletic and healthy. After spending a year abroad, getting mono, and taking about 8 rounds of antibiotics in 14 months I developed SEVERE acid reflux. I was also recently diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease (cervical and lumbar) from years of figure skating and dance. So now I feel like a 22 year old with the body of an 80 year old :( I miss being able to just move.


A chiropractor suggested this supplement http://www.metagenics.com/mp/medical-foods/ultrainflamx and it really helped with the inflammation in my neck and shoulder along with my reflux. Things still flare up from time to time, but this stuff is saving me. 


I've tried going off of it a few times after I started cleaning up my diet with Whole30, and on the advice of my CrossFit coach, added a fish oil supplement to my diet, but each time after 2-3 days I'm back to serous pain, numbness in my arm, tension headaches, migraines and stomach spasms. 


Is it worth it for me to continue the Whole30 plan, but keep taking the shake? I only take one scoop a day, not the reccomended 2.


Thanks for any help!

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The rice and added sugar in this product keeps you from doing a compliant Whole30 while taking it, but unless you are sensitive to rice and sugar, you can improve your health eating Whole30-style anyway.


There is nothing magical in the ingredients of UltraInflamX. You can get everything you need from eating a good variety of fresh, whole foods, although adding a few, Whole30-compliant supplements would not hurt. And this is important to know. Just because a vitamin or nutrient is in a supplement does not mean it does you any good. Our bodies are able to use vitamins and nutrients from food more fully than from supplements. You seem to be benefiting from this product, but what is doing you good may be a subset of the product and not all the ingredients. 


If you are having problems coming off this supplement, it makes me wonder how good a Whole30-style diet you are eating? Most people do well eating compliant foods in general, but I have seen people eat too narrow a range of foods and leave too many of the really nutritious foods off their plate. It is important to be eating a good diet with good variety. You would need to share a food log to get good feedback on what you are eating. To see what I think of what a good Whole30-style diet looks like, you might want to read this post: http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2013/07/the-six-planks-of-tom-denhams-whole30-meal-planning-table/

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Thanks for the response. 


In terms of my eating, I am completely compliant with the Whole30 rules outside of the shake. My food log is actually not very different from your link. I eat 4 eggs a day plus other proteins (usually beef or fish), lots of leafy greens and varied veggies. My fats are generally avocado, coconut and olives (sometimes cashews even though I know those aren't the best for people with stomach issues) I stopped eating most of my veggies raw since that was really hard on my stomach. Fermented foods are tough for me too, so I eat them sparingly. I've tried probiotics in the past and had a bad reaction to a few different kinds. 


My reflux is pretty severe and my stomach lining is pitted and pre-ulcer in a few places. I've gone through weeks of eating nothing but bioyogurt, for some reason this shake was the only thing that made a difference. What kind of Whole30 approved supplements would you recommend in its place? 

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Oh yes, my chiropractor talked me into buying this to add to my smoothies (when I tried to drink smoothies; never been a fan).  After taking it home, and reading the ingredients, I realized I had much of the anti-inflammatories in my cabinet for my son already and I questioned if some of the ingredients could be pro-inflammatories or just unnecessary.  So, I bought:


Curcumin (huge anti-inflammatory)




You can also find high end multi minerals from many on-line companies and even places like The Vitamin Shoppe or a trusted food co-op that researches their inventory.  I order from www.ourkidsasd.com (my son has Autism).  


I am a fan of buying single ingredient supplements instead of the multi vitamin/mineral/herb.  That way, if I have a reaction or my son has a reaction (positive or negative) I am much more able to figure out what the culprit is.

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Pam - thanks so much for your insight. I'm glad someone was familiar with the product.

Are there any specific anti-inflammatory products you suggest from your experience? The world or supplements is difficult for a newbie like me to navigate.... I'm still not used to this situation. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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