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Ketogenic 2014


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Goals for 2014 (NOT New Years Resolutions):

  • 60 Days Ketogenic - starting January 1st (this may go longer, depending on outcomes)
  • Eight hours sleep a night (track when I don't make it)
  • Dairy free
  • Grain free
  • Soy free
  • Artificial Sweetener free
  • Organic where I can
  • Less food jail - keep it simple
  • More fat (including more mayo!)
  • More organ meats
  • More bone broth
  • Workouts 3 times a week, minimum.
  • Pre & Post Workout meals
  • Regularly check my progress on how much I can lift


Notes on what I will be doing which is NOT Whole30 (Whole30 people, don't copy what I'm doing, this is not a Whole30).


  1. Ketogenic will be fairly close to a Whole30, but I will have grassfed A2 butter (NZ) in addition to ghee. Not for everything, but I want the additional Vitamin K and I don't have any problems with butter. For the curious, I have done ketogenic eating in the past (and it worked very well), but never without dairy, grains or gluten. 2013 was a big year for me in improving my health and I feel ready to pursue weightless more directly and this is how I plan to do it. Ketogenic just means fat burning instead of sugar burning and for me that means fairly low carb levels, but, it may not be as low as what I did before, without the grains and dairy.
  2. Weighing daily - sudden jumps (inflammation or water weight) help me tweak my plan - it's not about the number and not a cause of stress, just a kind of monitoring
  3. I will not be eliminating sugar completely (the only gluten free bacon I've found has sugar), but it will be kept to a minimum.
  4. Low volumes of fruit and high starch veggies
  5. Not always using the template - as I'm upping my fat intake higher than the template
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Day #1
Sleep - Not enough, but what I had was solid except for being woken up by fireworks, had trouble getting back to sleep.

Water - Over a litre, didn't really keep track, also had soup and a bath.
Breakfast - Bulletproof Coffee
Lunch - Chicken Soup & a Mango
Dinner - Organic chicken wings with Franks Hot Sauce (no butter or ghee)

General - Had a cracking headache for a large part of the day, not a hangover (think it was a reaction to some gluten free stuff I had a day or so ago. Corn maybe).

Relaxation - Had a nap to help with the headache (worked), had a spa bath.

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Day #2
Sleep - Not enough, stayed up too late for bath

Water - About 1.5 litres, plus coffee
Breakfast - Bulletproof Coffee
Lunch - Coconut Cream coffee & packet of Coconut Butter - first day back at work and forgot my lunch! Fortunately not hungry and had plenty of protein last night.
Dinner - Chicken Salad with olives, sweet potato chips, 1/2 punnet of raspberries

General - Sleepy this morning, not fat burning yet.

Pre-WO Meal - skipped this as I worked out after dinner

Workout - 300 leg squats - Level 4 TotalGym (lifting)

Post-WO Meal - skipped it

Relaxation - Reading before bed

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Hi, Praxisproject.  I, too, try to stay somewhat low-carb and ketogenic (keeping carbs around 80g total or 50g net if I had to guess - I haven't tracked anything in along time).  I just like the way it feels and the results I get from it.   Best wishes to you

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Delicious breakfast this morning on Day 5, 300g of baby spinach (I didn't weigh it, I just know how much is in the bag lol). cooked in duck fat, with a fresh salmon fillet also cooked in duck fat.


So good I'm doing it again for lunch, with raspberry kombucha :)

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About to start making Slow Cooker Osso Bucco. Last time I used this recipe (ish) http://bipolarpaleo.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/osso-bucco.html but need to modify it for both Whole30 and lack of ingredients :) So awesome, not much prep time and lots of delicious meals with bone marrow!


4-6 pieces of osso bucco (did 2 last time, have 4 or 6 this time)
few Tablespoons olive oil or oil of choice
2 onions, diced
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
2 carrots, sliced thick or diced
2 sticks celery, cut same as carrots (don't have any today)
1/2 cup (or more) good dry wine (out for Whole30)
1 1/2 cups beef stock (I'll be using my freshly made chicken bone stock/broth)
2-3 Tablespoons tomato paste
1 can diced tomatoes (I used one can last time, considering two of fireroasted tomatoes this time, since it's without the wine and with chicken stock)
1 teaspoon dried thyme (or tarragon, not both) - I used dried thyme
a few bay leaves
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Day #5
Sleep - Plenty yesterday and today... ahhhh :D

Water - About 2 litres, plus kombucha (very thirsty today!)
Breakfast - Pan fried baby spinach in duck fat, salmon fillet in duck fat, salt and pepper.
Lunch - Pan fried baby spinach in duck fat, cold salmon fillet in duck fat, Tessemae's Mignonette mixed into the spinach (yum! must do this again) and raspberry kombucha (no impact on ketosis, yay!).
Dinner - Salmon Patties, homemade Mayo & Lettuce

General - In a cooking mood today, about to finish up chicken bone broth, roasting some sweet potatoes (some for the freezer) and making beef osso bucco. Planning veggie & meat shop for next week. I'm thinking I want some salmon patties in there to go with my remaining salad :D Update: Now I wish I had beef burgers, didn't mean to, but I've had nothing but salmon all day.

Pre-WO Meal - Cashew butter (can do better, forgot what I was supposed to have)

Workout - 400 leg squats in 40 minutes - Level 4 TotalGym (lifting)

Post-WO Meal - Small roasted sweet potato (no fat) & fresh raspberries.

Relaxation - Spa bath & reading before bed.

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I'm very curious to see your results! Keep posting ;) I'm doing whole 30, but with little to no fruit as I wanted to keep my blood sugar levels as low as possible. To me the two are very similar...do you have the strips to test to see if you're in ketosis? Or do you sort of get the feeling?

Oh and are you doing any type of intermittent fasting with this? I hears that speeds things up... And fasting can be fun if you do it right.

Best wishes!

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I would love to get keto-adapted, even on Whole30. I have weight & blood sugar issues, along with other chronic conditions that complicate it for me. Got a new meter that tests ketones as well as glucose. Haven't had much luck getting low enough to register in the "zone" though. And can't seem to get the "tiger blood" when running - just feels like a constant struggle, which makes me NOT run as much.

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Day #7 (I did do Day 6 too lol just forgot to post it)
Sleep - Not quite as much sleep as I planned, but slept like a baby, woke feeling refreshed  :D

Water - About 1.5 litres
Breakfast - Coconut oil bulletproof coffee and a v small serve of osso bucco for a little protein hit.
Lunch - Salmon Patties, homemade Mayo (forgot to take my beautiful fresh salad to work :( )
Dinner - Osso Bucco & Cauliflower puree. Hot tea and coconut milk.

General - Oh, the beef is so good after all that salmon (which I did enjoy, don't get me wrong) and my cats think Osso Bucco is the bees knees. They didn't like the last version which had wine in it. Started taking Glycosolve today (arrived in the mail). It's one pill 15 minutes before meals (max 3 per day), so I'm going to add a Glycosolve entry to my log.

Pre-WO Meal - TBA (fat & protein)

Workout - TBA    - got home late from work, so earlier to bed rather than a WO

Post-WO Meal - TBA

Relaxation - Watched some TV on DVD

Glycosolve: Yes - B/L/D

(blood measures taken before first dose of Glycosolve)
Blood Glucose: 6.7

Blood Ketones: 0.4

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Sailor -

I have both the Ketostix and the blood monitoring for ketones and glucose. I can however "feel" when I'm not in it, so I don't need to waste any test strips then. I'll add my blood measures when I take them, I've taken one set already, I write them on paper, so I'll check the date. It will be interesting to see if the Glycosolve makes much of a difference. I'm in ketosis now, but not Nutrtional Ketosis yet.


I keep my fruit to a minimum, but if I really want some, I just have ultra low carb veggies and be sure to eat my fruit with fat and protein to limit the blood sugar impact. Before my first Whole30, I didn't realise but I always consumed fruit on an empty stomach. Silly habit which is now gone :)


I find Intermittent Fasting very easy but have given it up completely as it's not recommended for people with cortisol problems, which I suspect I have (waiting for appointment with a naturopath who can test for this). I've felt much better since giving up Intermittent Fasting. I don't find it difficult from an appetite point of view, I find it quite easy and it sure makes meal prep a breeze ;) But I think it stresses out my body too much, the improvement feels very similar to giving up cardio and replacing with lifting. I'm less exhausted, more energised and shrinking (which I wasn't doing much of, with IF). For me it's very much NOT less energy in = more weightloss :) But some people do very well with IF. For anyone doing a first Whole30, I recommend experimenting with IF after a full Whole30 without it.


Wyrd -

I used to do a lot of cardio as it's often recommended for weightloss, but last year I changed things up quite a bit. I've had more stable blood sugar, felt much better and lost more weight by ditching cardio and replacing it with shorter workouts (less workouts too), lifting heavy things. I can't remember who it was who mentioned it in relation to cortisol issues, but it might have been Robb Wolf. The logic goes that cortisol is being created under stress, but some people are in such a state, they're producing cortisol almost around the clock, even when asleep. Cardio tends to spike cortisol but it doesn't occur with lifting. Working out in the evenings is better when cortisol is low (I used to do all mine first thing in the morning, before breakfast. This logic would explain why when I was near killing myself with exercise, I wasn't seeing any results due to the cortisol.

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Day #8 
Sleep - Not quite as much sleep as I planned, but slept like a baby, woke feeling sleepyheaded, it's freezing today (Summer! lol)

Blood Glucose: 6.1

Blood Ketones: 0.6 \o/ Nutritional Ketosis! Ketostix have been a very strong purple since taking the Glycosolve, it's certainly changing something. Usually I only got a purple reading when I was dehydrated, but even in Nutritional Ketosis before, it was just a mild pink.

Water - I have no idea, but plenty
Breakfast - Osso Bucco & Cauliflower, struggled to eat this morning.
Lunch - Manuko Date Balls (similiarish to a Lara Bar, except smaller in serving size - crappy proten, but had a good lot for breakfast so think I will be okay until dinner. Packed lunch fail - made it, forgot to bring it)
Dinner - Osso Bucco & Sweet Potato, little bit of cashew butter

General - Very sleepy this morning, but very big day yesterday.

Pre-WO Meal - TBA (fat & protein)

Workout - TBA

Post-WO Meal - TBA

Relaxation - Some me time

Glycosolve: Yes - B/L/D

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Day #9
Sleep - Not enough, really really tired today *yawn*

Blood Glucose: 6.6 (maybe too much sweet potato?)

Blood Ketones: 0.4

Water - TBA + Mojo

Breakfast - Osso Bucco & sweet potato.

Lunch - TBA

Dinner - TBA

General - Tired today, needed more sleep than I got.

Pre-WO Meal - TBA (fat & protein)

Workout - TBA

Post-WO Meal - TBA

Relaxation - An early night

Glycosolve: Yes - B (L/D TBA)

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