Inflammation/Osteoarthris and "Juice Plus"

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Praxisproject, how long did it take for your symptoms to disappear? Did you just do the 30 Days or longer? I'm curious, also because of Dallas's comment in ISWF that after 6 weeks his tendonitis had gone. I imagine it's just a feeling that things are improving, so you keep on going if you need to rather than just stopping after 30 days?

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On 1/5/2014 at 10:30 AM, JulieSusan said:

Hi there --

Has anyone had experience with the food supplement "Juice Plus" -- and inflammation?

What are your thoughts about this product?



Did you ever get a response to your question about Juice Plus? Did you take it during your Whole 30? Are you still taking it? I discovered on day 6 that it isn't "compliant" because of the bran in the Garden Blend. So I'm starting over. What did you do?

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