chocolate cravings/ any suggestions?


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I am only on day 4 and I feel kind of foggy or irritable but for the most part all I find myself craving is chocolate. So that has been the hardest for me and I know that this craving might only get worse. I'm not quite sure how to get rid of this yearning for chocolate but besides that I am still feeling relatively positive, so that's good.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ways that they overcame this same feeling? I would really appreciate it because I think this will be the biggest challenge.


Thank you!

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I had some pretty massive chocolate cravings too.  I even went up to a box of chocolates, stared at them creepily for a while and had one right in front of my mouth before I put it down and ran away.  It was hard, but I knew that if I failed, I would be disappointed in myself, so I held off.  Chocolate doesn't deserve to have this power over you or anyone.  Show it who's boss.  Good luck!

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