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Popping my Whole 30 cherry Feb. 10


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Feb. 10th. That's the date for me.


Deciding to do the Whole 30 was somewhat of an impulse decision for me I'll admit. You see for the past several months, I've eaten pretty clean. I don't eat much sugar, dairy or grains. I don't restrict myself from having it, but I do it in moderation, so I guess I thought that was close enough.


Recently though I've been a little frustrated that I work out 6 days a week, eat very well, and have not dropped a pound. In October I decided it was time to shed some excess weight (I'm 20lbs over what I should be). I got really strict with my diet and exercise and so far have only lost 4lbs. Disgruntled and defeated, I decided that I can only really be disappointed if I put in 100%, and still don't feel better, (realistically I'm probably only 75% right now). Sure I don't eat sugar often, but maybe even my limited intake is doing more damage then good. So with all that said, now's the time.


I'm sick of counting calories, getting worried about my macro's and weighing out everything I put into my body. It was like I had a 'duh' moment and realized that if I become more focused on what types of foods I was ingesting, then I could focus less on the amounts. 


So here I am getting ready to start.


I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who:


a- Signed up for the Whole30 Daily (is it worth it?)

b- Anyone who was generally an active person and healthier eating to begin with, how did this help you? Did you notice an improvement physically?


I'm going to be documenting it all on my blog too (shameless self promotion) so if anyone wants to follow it you can at www.FromFlabToFit.com

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I came to the Whole30 frustrated that I ate "healthy" and had lost only 15 pounds after CrossFitting intensely for 2 years. My coaches recommended I google Whole30 and try the approach for 30 days. I suffered a loss of performance in the gym for 2 weeks and then I started sleeping better and getting stronger. At the end of 30 days, I had lost 2 pounds. I was happy because I had not lost any weight in almost a year. I continued eating Whole30-style and eventually lost 30 pounds at the rate of 2 pounds per month. I never lost more, but I just kept dropping 2 pounds every month. During this time, I set new personal records lifting weights in the gym. I got a lot stronger. I probably gained meaningful muscle mass, so maybe I was losing more than 2 pounds of fat each month, but the gain of muscle weight hid my fat loss.

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I signed up for the W30 Daily - YES, it is definitely worth it!  It's not just the motivation, but the accountability and suggestions for cooking, other sources, etc.  I think that roughly $0.50 is pretty cheap - how much do we spend on lattes/  (OK, none, now that we're on the W30, but you get my meaning)


I'm also an active person and am VERY careful about eating healthfully.  I've been strict about diet to reduce inflamation related disease, so wheat and sugar have been out for awhile.  But, also related to my disease, I have some real issues with my intestine and gut.  My doctor recommended the W30, and I'm hopeful.  Unfortunately, it's too early to tell you much.  I didn't think I'd have some of the side effects because I'm so careful, but guess what?  I HAVE had some - headache, tired, and CRANKY.  I'm not sleeping well, but I'm hopeful that will change as I progress.  This is only Day 4 for me.

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