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Tomorrow will be Day 30.


The reason I started was because I felt so poor. I was lethargic, I felt swollen, slightly dizzy at times. I went to a doctor and he fussed at me pretty good about controlling my weight.  


My biggest Challenge has been the fact that I have to travel a lot for work, and I have to take clients to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I found that I can make it work at restaurants. If its not on the menu ask but even still almost every restaurant has a grill steak, chicken, or piece of fish and they all have steamed veggies for sides.


I've stuck to it and made it work and am happy to say I can report the following success.

Size 52 pants to a 48

weight loss: 24 lbs

feelings: I feel so much better. The only way to compare it is it was like I had the flu and I am over it now.

I am now deathly afraid to eat things like bread, fried chicken, cheese, pizza, donuts because I am afraid they will make me feel sick again.


I am just going to keep rolling like I have, nothing will change on my food consumption I will stick with what I am doing because its worked.

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