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Continous improvement


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Well hello again! I finished my first completely sucessful Whole30 by the end of January. It was a great experience! I ate pretty strict paleo before, but struggled with chocolate consumption and late night eating. After finishing my Whole30 two weeks ago I went away on vacation, and I did some off-roading (as planned) for the first part of the trip. After about 10 days I started feeling not-so-good, so I went back to the W30 plan, without anymore off-roading and immediately felt better. Amazing. Yesterday i landed in cold, rainy Sweden again and i feel a bit shocked trying to find my winter clothes, read my work email, get the kids back to regular bed times and get some groceries... So let's whole 30! :)


I believe in continous improvement rather than perfection. This time I want to focus on the following:


1. Snacking, especially at night. I am still breast feeding, so i will probably snack some, but I want to cut out the nightly nut- and fruit fiesta.


2. Sleep. I slept so well during my vacation. In my daily life, I do not sleep enough. I get up very early to get to work, and I struggle to get enough done after putting the little ones to bed, so that I can have a little time to myself and still go to bed on time.


3. Sugar. I eat a lot of fruit. We have a fruit basket at work, so it is super convenient to grab a fruit (or three) in the afternoon, plus in meetings there is often fruit and cookies. To stay away from the cookies I eat fruit. This time I will try to stick to no more than 3 svgs per day. (Yes, that is a significant reduction from my usual 5-6 svgs!)


Ok, we are ready to rock this, right?

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Day 1 0


As usual, I'll update when I find the time as the day goes.


Sleep: 7 hours. Kicking it off with my shortest sleep in weeks. :huh: I have been getting at LEAST 8 hours for the past two weeks (so proud!), but we came home late from the airport last night.


Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs, chipotle paste, ½ banana w/ almond butter. (Scrambling to find food, need to grocery shop after our two week trip!)

Lunch:Sweet potato hash, 3 fried eggs, ½ pork chop, blood orange

Snack: Piece of 70% chocolate. Ooops! Complete blackout. Found a picec of nice chocolate unpacking and put it in my mouth before thinking. Ok, so this is day 0, and I start tomorrow instead.

Dinner: Fish, sweet potato, sallad, lemon mayo

Snack: fruit and more chocolate. I guess I was thinking I might as well... I know, I know...


Exercise: 2 km streak run.


Food prep:

Baked sweet potatos

Sweet potato/bacon/apple hash

Baked root vegetables and cabbage

Baked salmon and cod

Pork chops


Also prepped some regular potatoes and cut up veggies for the kids, to make it easy to serve them real food too. I am trying to include them more in this whole30. Especially the older one really need to eat more vegetables and less empty carbs. The smallest one is pretty paleo by nature, but I still want to nurtute that in her and not get her to jump on the pasta bandwagon.

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Day 1 140212


Sleep: 6.5h I have a hard time sleeping enough. Being back in the darkness throws me off and I am not sleepy at night, just a bit stressed and running around trying to get things done to get us all back on track and ready to go back to work and day care.



Breakfast: Sweet potato hash, 3 fried eggs, tomatoes. Black coffee.

Lunch: Chicken, lots of different sallads, avocado, svg mixed fruit. Coffee!

Snack: 2 svgs fruit, peppermint tea.

Dinner: Pork chop, sweet potato, roasted cabbage, chopped sallad, spicy mayo.

Snack: Dried fruit and raw cashews. (See comment below!)


Exercise: 2 km to maintain the running streak.


Tired today, and really stressed out. I just got through my email and I am now bombarded with meetings, presentations, results and other stuff to finish. I just feel like I want to crawl under my desk and hide. Time to pour myself another coffee and really get going, I guess!


Edited to add: As I was driving home I was super tired and in a very cranky mood. I had to physically stop myself from bying candy, any kind of candy, just to get me through a day that was very stressful. I was totally ready to post-pone this w30 and dive head first into the sugar bowl (and a colitis flare, no doubt). So I made a deal with myself that I could eat any kind of fruit or nuts I wanted to as long as I stuck to w30 compliant food. And I did. Was it optimal and perfect? No. It was exactly the kind of behaviour I am working on changing. But I made the best of it, stuck to my w30 guns and instead of giving up I am still here and ready to keep working on tweaking that after-dinner-super-tired-zombie eating habit.

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Day 2

2014 02 13


Sleep: I went to bed in time to get 7:45 hours, but big DD woke me up twice and the little one 3-4 times. So long story short, tonight I am giving them a big shot of cough sirop each and sending them to bed right after dinner. (Kidding, of course!)



Breakfast: Hash w/ sweet potato, aubergine, apple, bacon, garlic. Three eggs. Coffee.

Lunch: Beef, root vegetables, big mixed salad.

Snack: 2 svgs fruit (apple, small mandarin, few grapes)

Dinner: Baked cod and salmon with lemon, sweet potato, broccoli, tomatoes, red bell pepper, lemon-lime mayo.

Berries and nuts right after.

Snack: 2 de-caf.


Exercise: 5km (3.1 mi) easy run on the treadmill.


I am gradually getting back into the swing of things at work, but it is still hard to catch up. I am looking forward to getting a bit more sleep over the weekend, and feeling more energetic again.

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Day 3

2014 02 14


Happy Valentine's Day! I am celebrating tonight by ... working on a presentation. :D Very romantic. It is a good thing my hubby is busy watching the Olympics.


Sleep: 8 hours, yay! :wub: Finally both kids slept at least semi soundly.



Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, sauteed aubergine, sweet potatoe, onion, apple and bacon. Hot sauce. Coffee.

Random snacking while working: Nuts, berries.

Lunch: same as breakfast, plus ½ pork chop, red bell pepper and brocolli.

Random snacking while working: same as above.

Dinner: same as before. Banana, strawberries. De-caf latte w/ coconut milk.

More random snacking as before. <_<

Yes, today I have been chained to my computer and just randomly shoveled (compliant) stuff in my mouth.


Exercise: 2 km streakrun

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Day 4

2014 02 15


Yesterday I just sat on mu butt all day working and mindlessly eating nuts and dried berries. At night I felt like I had a bowling ball in my belly. Ugh. Today it is back to proper meals again.


Sleep: 7.5 hours. Feel ok. I was up late working yesterday, but it is so, so worth it to know that I can have the rest of the weekend (mostly) free to just be with my family.



Breakfast: Sweetpotato hash, bacon, fried egg, big heap of spinach, handful blueberries. (I made more eggs but they were burnt and tasted off so I didn't want to eat them.) Coffee.

Lunch: Pork chop, roasted root veg, cabbage, salad, spicy mayo

Snack: A few mouthfuls fruit while making fruit salad

Dinner: Roasted lemon chicken, roasted rootveg, gravy, salad. Fruit salad. 

Snack: 2 de-caf, dried berries.


Exercise: 13.1 km (8.1 mi) run. Nice run in the sun. It was cold, but spring is definitely in the air now! 


I feel more alive today. This has been a rough week, with too much to catch up on at work and at home. But today I feel relaxed and happy. 

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I dreamed that I cheated/failed last night! I was making gravy and added wine, and then I ate ice cream and some licorice too. I woke up feeling so guilty. So glad my whole30 is still intact.

We had friends over for dinner yesterday and it went really well. I think it is easy to entertain when we do the cooking. Being a guest in somebody else's house is more difficult. I made two roasted chickens with lemon and used ghee instead of butter. I made a gravy from the liquid in the roasting pan, some chicken broth and thickened it with roasted sweet potato blended in with my immersion blender. Add baked root veg and a salad and everybody was happy. I just skipped the regular potatoes. For dessert we did fruit salad with ice cream and I skipped the ice cream. (It hurt my heart a little, because it was Haagen-daz.) I don't think they would have even noticed the menu was adjusted to fit my "diet" if they hadn't known!

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Day 5
2014 02 16

Sleep: 8 hours, I think. I feel rested and in a good mood.

Breakfast: Pile of spinach, sautéed sweet potato, fried eggs, chipotle sauce, few pieces of a perfect mango. Coffee.
Lunch: Left-over chicken, gravy, sweet potato. Endive salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and a lemon vinaigrette.
Dinner: Fish soup/stew with spicy aioli, orange
Snack: De-caf, 2 oranges

Hunger caught up to me right before bed, so I grabbed two handfuls of nuts and dried berries before sleeping.

Exercise: 32.4 km (20.1 mi). First 20-miler of 2014 in the books! I felt good; challenging but not too hard. I brought dates along instead of gels, but didn't feel like I needed them so I never ate them. I guess I am kind of fat adapted despite my high intake of fruit and sweet potato.
This has been a recovery week after all the hard training we did in the previous two weeks. I think my mileage is 40-41 mi for this week.

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Happy day 5! Your dinner party menu sounds lovely. I made roast chicken for valentine's day - I've taken to adding a bag of carrots to the pan and roasting them along with the chicken. I do it at 450F for an hour. The carrots are amazing.

Today I make mayo and coconut milk. Going to make some without vanilla/date so I can make curry tomorrow.

Happy eating!!!

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Ashley, the carrots sounds yummy! Curry too. I should make curry next week, you have inspired me.

This weeks meal prep, check!

Roasted sweet potato fries

Bolognese sauce

Chocolate chili from Well Fed

Fish soup/stew

Sautéed sweet potato, onion and apple hash

Sautéed aubergine with garlic

I still need to bake a few sweet potatoes and boil the eggs I take to work (breakfast).

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Day 6

2014 02 17


Sleep: 7.5-ish hours. Feel pretty rested.



Breakfast: 3 hb eggs, sauteed aubergine and sweet potato hash, cherry tomatoes. Coffee. Slice melon in a meeting.

Lunch: Lemon chicken, sweet potato fries, roasted carrots, sallad, coconut chips.

Snack: 2 oranges, more roasted coconut chips. (<- these are soo good!!!)

Dinner: Chocolate Chili (Well Fed :wub: ) on a heap of baby spinach, ½ sweet pÃ¥otato, ½ avocado, cherry tomatoes, mayo. Dries mullberries.

Post-WO: Orange, de-caf.


Exercise: 8.1 km (5mi) easy run on the treadmill after the kids went to bed. So proud I did this instead of my random snacking! I should have had some protein post-WO along instead of just an orange, but it slipped my mind. Next time!


I am still reading The power of habit. And although it may seem as if I am snacking along, not caring at all about numbers of fruit servings and amounts of nuts ingested before bed time, I am thinking about it. Quite a lot, actually. I am working on my habits, but it is maybe not visible on the outside yet. ^_^

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Happy Day 6.  All your food prep looks yum.  I made mayo, ground meat, ground meat/kale/sp for breakfasts, chicken thighs, chicken wings.  Today I am making coconut milk.  I want to try sp fries again.  And that hash sounds good.


We are a work in progress! 


Happy day!

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Ashley - we are indeed work in progress. I try to be patient with myself and remember how far I have come in just 7 months. My diet has essentially taken a 180 degree turn for the better. Sometimes I forget that and get very impatient with myself, but it is nice to think that the goal is continous improvement rather than immediate perfection. :)

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Day 7 (what, already?)

2014 02 18


Sleep: Around 6 hours. I went to bed a little too late and got up early. Youngest DD woke me up before 5 am and I figured I might as well get up and not risk my alarm waking them up 15 minutes later, since it was almost time anyway. I know it is not enough sleep for me, but I feel suprisingly energetic. (Who put tiger blood in my morning coffee?) I am planning on being in bed by 9:30 pm tonight, though.



Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs, sweet potato, aubergine and onion hash.

Lunch: A few slices of meat, big salad, olive oil. (This meal was too small. I couldn't find enough complient protein and ended up eating mostly vegetables. Even drizzled in oil, it just didn't fill me up enough.)

Snack:Cherry tomatoes. Two oranges.

Dinner: ½ pear my youngest didn't finish and a few handfuls nuts while prepping dinner (HUNGRY) immediately followed by "breakfast for dinner": two fried eggs, sweet potatoe hash, big pile of spinach, cherry tomatoes, red bellpepper, ½ avocado and drizzled with Moroccan dipping sauce from Well Fed. It was a BIG meal! :D

Snack: Apple, handful walnuts.


Exercise: 7.4 km (4.6 mi) commute-run this morning. In addition to my usual stuff like my breakfast, wallet and keys, I also carried a change of clothes for the car ride and my laptop. It was heavy! Let's just say it was a good leg workout. Running to the day care pick-up as well will get me another 5.5 km (3.4 mi) after work.


I feel like whole30 is kind of easy this time around. I am a bit scared of saying that, because I don't want to jinx it, but I don't have any special dinners with work (that I know of yet) to work around, and I am in a good routine with cooking and eating real food. Good, because I want this way of eating to be my normal, and when I off-road I want to naturally gravitate back to this as my life style.

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Day 8


2014 02 19


Ashley: My legs were tired on my run this morning. Tomorrow is a rest day, yay! But I just signed up for Copenhagen Marathon on May 18, so it is time to try to increase my weekly miles and face some running on tired legs. ;)


Sleep: 7.5 hours. I went to bed on time and slept well.  :)  The little one ´woke up crying with a bad cough a couple of times, but went back to sleep quickly after some cuddling.



Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, aubergine hash, sweet poatao hash and a small clementine. Coffee.

Meeting snack: Nuts and fruit, coffee.

Lunch: Rogan Josh, roasted beets, sallad, clementine.

Dinner: Fish soup. Walnuts and cranberries (unsweetened).

Snack: De-caf, more walnuts and cranberries.


Exercise: 7.4 km (4.6 mi) through the early morning drizzle. Tired legs, but I love running first thing in the morning as part of my commute. Will do another 5.4 km (3.4 mi) with day care pick-up after work.


I feel good. I really do. Rested, happy, full of energy. I am reading The power of habit and I was thinking that my early morning running is really a Keystone Habit, in that it sets me up for healthier living in other aspects of my life as well. It makes me eat better, sleep better and relax without alcohol or sugar. Relaxing with sugar at night leads to a downward spiral for me, where I get energized, stay up too late watching crappy TV programs or surf the web and then I don't sleep well. Yesterday my husband was laying on the couch eating chocolate. I wasn't even tempted. I just said "No thanks, I am doing a w30, you know." And because I was hungry I grabbed an apple and a handful nuts instead. It is so nice to be able to do this w30 without clenching my fist and feeling like I am missing out!

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Day 9

2014 02 20

Sleep: 7.5 hours. The little one wakes up crying a couple of times per night, but settles back in fairly quickly. I feel rested, but wouldn't mind sleeping a bit longer... But to get 8 hours I need to be asleep by 9:15 pm and that leaves me with less than an hour after putting the little ones to bed. That is not going to work.


Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs, aubergine hash and sweetpotato/apple hash. Coffee.

Lunch: Veal liver, roasted tomatoes and onions, mixed veg, olives, olive oil

Dinner: baked sweet potato, chocolate chili on a big heap of baby spinach, guacamole, mayo, salad with endive, walnut and cranberries. Extra walnuts and cranberries.

Exercise: Rest day! Just 3 km to maintain my running streak (61 days today).


Some thoughts on doing whole30 for me:

I am on round 4 of WholeXXs now, and it really gets so much easier each time. I remember in July last year, when I first started a Whole30 (that turned into a whole16, but also into a total life style change). In July I was very concerned with all the foods that were taken away. How would I drink my coffee? What would I eat for breakfast when bread was off-limits? I tried making my own almond milk and made some egg-based creation that was supposed to reseble a muffin for breakfast. In general, there was a lot more SWPO going on as I eased into this new way of eating. I missed milk in my coffee and bread a lot, which is funny because that is something I do not miss at all anymore. I remember thinking it was so difficult everytime we had breakfast served in a meeting or cookies with the coffee in meetings. I was much more tempted to partake then than I am now, and much more worried about people thinking it would be odd if I turned food down. Now I am so used to turning things like that down, and I am not so tempted by them. At least not when I have decided that I am on a WholeXX. It is more difficult during the periods when I am making concious decicions about eating or not eating the offered piece of chocolate.

What is difficult now is not adhering to the w30/paleo rules of which foods to eat, it is more about sticking to the meal templates. I have already mentioned the mini meal at night, where I am just sick of "real food" and end up eating nuts and fruit. Afternoon snack is the same dilemma; I have acess to fruit and since I am at work, in meetings, and I can't do a mini meal. (Believe me, I can't. I am already freaking them out by eating garlic-y aubergine in my office first thing in the morning.) Today I brought an egg, and I am thinking I can pair that with fruit to get closer to the meal template. But I can't peel eggs while in meeting rooms, where I am most afternoons. And the three meals/day... maybe it would be easier if I got in more calories by religiously sticking to the pre-a and post-WO meals. Here is the thing: I get up at 5:20, get ready quickly, and head out the door at 5:45 for my 4.6 mi run. The only thing I could possibly eat would be a cold, pre-cooked egg right before leaving. Post-WO meal is my breakfast. I honsetly will not get up any earlier, and I prefer running without a cold egg in my belly. On the other hand I have 6 hours between lunch and dinner, and that is where I really feel the nead for a snack/mini meal. These are the things I need to tweak this time around...

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Day 10


Sleep: 7 hours and change. I was tired this morning - my bed was just so comfortable and I just wanted to re-set my alarm and sleep a little longer. Anything to not have to get up and run through the dark and drizzling rain to our car pool meet-up. But I reminded myself of the fact that today is Friday, and besides I always feel great when I get my run in early in the day. I feel rested, but also look forward to sleeping past 5:20 for the next two days.


Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs, steamed broccoli, sweet potato/apple/onion hash. Coffee.

Lunch: Beef, red beets, jereusalem artichokes, salad. Coffee.

Dinner: Chocolate Chili, sweet potato, big salad with spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber, apple and avocado. Moroccan dipping sauce and mayo. Banana, blueberries, coconut milk and shredded coconut.

Snack: De-caf. 3 oranges. (Didn't need the oranges. Note to self!)

Exercise: The above mentioned transport run of 7.4 km (4.6 mi). Pre-school pick-up added another 5.5 km for a total of 12.9 km (8 mi).

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Day 11
2014 02 22

No time to log yesterday, so here it is from memory:

Sleep: 8 hours. Yesssss!

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs, aubergine, sweet potato hash. Almond milk latte.
Lunch: Lamb sausage, chorizo, 2 fried eggs, sweet potato hash, big salad, avocado. Another almond milk latte.
Lots of random snacking (berries, chicken liver, everything but the kitchen sink) while cooking.
Dinner: Lemon chicken, sweet potato fries, gravy, salad, avocado.
Snack: Dried mulberries and mango, de-caf w almond milk.

Exercise: 7.6 km (4.7 mi) running to get a few DVDs at Filmtime. Gotta get my run in when I can, even if means running my errands! :)

I feel like I ate all day and all evening. Ugh, too much, too random.

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Day 12
2014 02 23

Sleep: 6.5 hours. Not enough. We were up too late. Watched a movie and talked a bit. We are both tired today, but it was worth it. Time together is such a limited resource with two little ones.

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, aubergine, sweet potato hash, hot sauce, on big pile of spinach. 1/4 avocado. Coffee with the last of the almond milk.
Lunch: At a brunch restaurant with two other families, super nice and fun! Eggs, salmon, lamb sausage, chorizo, salad, cole slaw (made with regular mayo, but it wasn't a ton of mayo), melon, orange. 2 cups coffee. Lots of food, but I did my long run before, so I dove in!
Dinner: Carnitas (Well Fed), sweet potato "fries", green beans with ghee, chopped salad, Moroccan dipping sauce (Well Fed). Fruit salad. De-caf.

Exercise: 28.1 km (17.4 mi) long run. Sunshine, spring flowers, blue skies and the though of the brunch that lay ahead - had a good feeling throughout the run. :) Just chugging along!

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Day 13


Sleep: 7.5 hours. I slept so well! Woke up one minute before my alarm. :)


Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs, sweetpotato/aubergine/apple/onion hash. Clementine. Coffee.

Lunch: Harissa marinated pork loin, tons of veg/salad, olive oil and vinegar for dressing. Blood orange.

Dinner: chicken livers sautéed with onion, apple and thyme, baked sweet potato, gravy, broccoli. Fruit and nuts (right after)

Exercise: Rest day! I just did 2 km very slow and easy to maintain my streak. Beautiful spring day here! Now it is light out when I get to work around 7 am as well as when I come home from pre-school with the kids at 5 pm - what a difference a few weeks can make.

I feel like I am getting sick. I have this feeling in the back of my throat, and my nose is stuffy and runny at the same time. Please, please, let it just be a cold and not the flu. I forgot the vaccine this year, and now I regret it. (I am on immuno suppressants, so I should always get the vaccine.)

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Day 14

2014 02 25

Sleep: 10 hours. I talked the kids into going to bed so I could be out by 7:30. Slight fever, very sore throat. I was hoping to sleep it off. No fever this morning, but my throat is still very sore and I had to take a sick day from work.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, sweet potato/aubergine/apple/onion hash with Moroccan dipping sauce. Coffee with coconut cream.

Snack: Coffee and berries while working (despite sick day...)

Lunch: Carnitas, sweet potato/apple/onion hash, spinach, avocado, chipotle sauce

Snack: nuts and dried mullberries

Dinner: Chorizo, lamb sausage, fried egg, sweet potato hash, spinach, avocado, chipotle sauce (I am obsessed!) and cilantro.

Snack: 2 de-caf, more nuts and berries.

Too much snacking. It is all "good" stuff, but it is still to be filed under "Eating as a reward/comfort". I was sick all day and I did What I always do when sick; I snacked too much. I think it is partly a boredom thing, partly the luxury of having time to sit still with access to food all day long.

Exercise: 2 very slow and easy km on the treadmill. I barely broke a sweat, but still kept my running streak. 66 days now!

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Day 15
2014 02 26

Sleep: 9.5 hours. Still very tired and not well, so I went to bed early again. Heavenly! Feeling better this morning, like I am about to kick this cold's butt with my super nourished and well rested immune system!

Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs over sweet potato, aubergine and green beans. Coffee.
Lunch: Chicken livers, sweet potato/onion/apple hash, spinach, gravy. Two oranges, nuts and dried berries.
Dinner: Carnitas, baked sweet potato, gravy, salad. Sparkling water with a splash of orange juice. (Adding some party feeling to my life! :) )

Snack: Two oranges, nuts and dried mango and mullberries.

Exercise: 2 km, slow and easy on the treadmill, just for the sake of the streak. I do feel a bit stupid running when I am not well, but I also do not want to quit the streak at this point. So I jog at a leasurely pace.

Halfway done. I don't think it is difficult sticking to the allowed foods and leaving out the dairy, soy, grains, sugar etc.
What is challenging to me is still sticking to 3 meals and no snacking. Or, just snacking on mini meals. There are a few reasons for this: I am still breast feeding and I have run on average over 50 miles per week for the last month or so. Some days I think it is not possible to replace those calories in just three meals. I also have a hard time spacing the pre- and postWO meals around my exercise. I run part of my commute to work at the crack of dawn (before, actually) and eat breakfast as soon as I get to work. I usually do not have the option of eating a mini meal while at work. Then I run to pick the kids up at preschool and eat dinner right when we get home. I am also not trying to lose weight.
So where am I going with this? The thing is, I think it would be lovely to do three meals per day. I see several advantages, the most important one being that I think it would be good for my intestines. I think many hormonal systems are kicked into gear when our stomach actually is empty between meals. I work as a scientist in the field of diabetes, and we discuss this a bit; how hunger can be very beneficial to us. I also think it would be great for my teeth, make me eat less sweet stuff, and be incredibly convenient.
I don't want to just go through the motion for the rest of this whole30, I want to challenge myself more. So, today I will stick to the 3-meal template. If I need more food, it will be in the form of an egg and a fruit, or a proper mini meal if possible. Let's try this!

RESULT: Snack fail. This is such a challenge for me. :(

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Day 16

2014 02 27

Sleep: 8 hours or just under. Dead tired last night, still suffering the cold and the sore throat.


Breakfast: 2 eggs, aubergine, sweet potato/onion/apple hash. Coffee x 2.

Lunch: An amazing, flaky piece of cod, root veggies, lots of veg.

Snack in the emergency room: 3 oranges, an egg and a few homemade "Lara balls". (Emergency food, lower in sugar and higher in fat than the real Lara bars)

Dinner: Carnitas, fried sweet potato, runny egg, hot sauce.


Back at work today. Really tired, congested and, as an unexpected "bonus"; with an irritating infection on the knuckle of my left ring finger. That's where my wedding- and engagement rings are, and the swelling makes them very tight right now. I had to open it up and clean it out this morning. I feel like my body is breaking down all of a sudden.<_<

Update: ended up in the emergency room with an antibiotic i.v and a 10 day antibiotics prescription. Oops!

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