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Any Europeans out there?


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Hi, I'm planning to start my 2nd whole30 round on February 13th. Actually I will try for a whole60

I finished my 1st whole35(!) 4 days ago. All went according to plan, I felt great, planned to continue eating according to the template apart from some small adjustments.

However... The sugar dragon caught up with me postwhole35 day 3.

Anyone willing to go along?

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I'm in Amsterdam, day 17 for me already!

It's going quite well, feeling good apart from some extremely gassy days and very irregular digestion the last 10 days or so. Trying to figure out which foods are giving me the gas but not sure yet. The only thing I know for sure is celery root, my belly is NOT happy with that.

Good luck all!

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I'm an American living in Spain! I made it to day 3 and my lack of planning has me restarting.


Trying to find the right foods in a foreign country is my biggest problem. Where on earth do I find coconut aminos? Also, I miss my Coca Cola light!


Good luck to everyone!!

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