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Chocolate? Really?


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So yesterday I had some chocolate. I ate it immediately after lunch at about 1 PM. I hadn't eaten anything noncompliant (or out of the ordinary) for two days since I reintro'd yogurt, and nothing for two days before that when I had a glass of wine with dinner. My sleep has been just excellent lately. Which is why last night freaked me out so much.


I woke up around 1:30 because I was having a crazy adrenaline rush, and my insides were churning a bit. I got back to sleep, but woke up again at 5:30 (45 minutes before I intended to) with more adrenaline and an overall feeling of crazy. I'm still feeling it.


My only suspect is the chocolate. Can chocolate really do this?? I had 1/2 of one disc of the Tazo vanilla dark chocolate, so around 0.7 oz - not very much. The chocolate had no questionable ingredients, just cacao beans, cane sugar and vanilla.


Oh, and I also quit coffee a month ago and am down to 1-2 green tea in the morning. So maybe it was the caffeine in the chocolate? I don't know.

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