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Restart? Limited Time Frame

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Yes, another one of those "should I restart" posts...but with a timing question.


I had been doing well with my Whole30, despite a few mishaps that fell into the "don't restart, just move on" category. Until yesterday and today. I made coconut macaroons for the office, thought I could handle doing that without eating them. And I was wrong...I ate one yesterday AND one today. Clearly I do not have that sugar demon under control. 


This was voluntary and I know I need to restart. The question is about timing. I leave for a trip to Hawaii in about 3 weeks, and I'm certain there will be unusual foods I'll want to try that won't be compliant. 

  • Should I restart now, doing a Whole 20 between now and when I leave? 
  • Finish out my (not entirely compliant) Whole30 as scheduled? I plan to do another one when I get back anyway. 
  • Call this Whole30 done for now (unfinished), and just continue to eat by the template between now and when I get back? Again, I plan to do another one when I get back. 

Whatever way I go, this has been eye-opening about how good I can feel when I eat the right foods. And how bad some foods make me feel. It's amazing (and frightening) how many ingredients are added to foods that I didn't realize. I know this is a process, and my first Whole30 wasn't perfect even before this mishap. I figure you learn, each one gets better, and the lasting lessons keep getting more ingrained. 

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Eating a couple of macaroons means you can't claim to have completed a Whole30 unless you continue for 30 more days. The issue is not how badly the cookies whacked your metabolism as the fact that you really did not stay the course and it is not fair to say you did when you didn't. 


If I were you, I would just eat according to the meal template, mostly Whole30-compliant between now and your vacation and fully enjoy yourself in Hawaii. Eat everything you come across during your trip that is new and interesting and even old favorites if they seem worth it. Then commit to a Whole30 after you are back. 

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