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Diatomaceous Earth


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I started my Whole30 today!! But perhaps more exciting than that is the fact that I've got my boyfriend, my mom, and my grandmother to participate with me. I'm so proud of my entire family. (Even my stubborn 'ol Dad has agreed to eat "less" pasta.)


This question comes from my mom. She was motivated to do Whole30 to ease her rheumatoid arthritis. She also came across this product, recommended by a friend:




My instinct is that she won't need it after the Whole30. My second though is that she should wait, just so that she knows where the benefits are coming from.


But technically, could she have this?


It's "89% Silica." I've scoured the website and tried Google, but I can't find a more comprehensive ingredient list. Does anyone know about this product specifically?



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I suppose she could eat dirt during her Whole30, but I am afraid it won't do her any good. It would be best if she did not do both at once so that she doesn't credit eating dirt with any of the benefits she would surely gain from eating real, whole foods exclusively for 30 days. 

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