Fat in foods vs. additional fats

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I'm still a little confused about getting adequate fat from foods vs adding it to a meal.

For example, if I have 2 or three whole eggs with breakfast, do I still need to add a fat like avocado? Or is there enough fat in the egg yolks?

I know fish and chicken breast are lower fat meats, so they probably need to have another fat added into the meal. But what about ground beef, chicken thighs, beef roast, sardines in oil, etc?

I'm not overly worried or obsessed about fat, but do want to make sure I'm getting the right ratio. I am a small person and don't do really high-intensity exercise, so I don't want to overdo it on the fat ratio either.

I get it when the meat clearly doesn't have much fat (e.g. Flounder), and always make sure I add a fat source. But I'm still trying to understand the formula when my meat or eggs already have fat in them.

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It depends on how you feel between meals. There is some room to experiment. If 3-4 whole eggs plus veggies last you 4-5 hours without hunger then it's probably enough. But, if you find you are hungry 2-3 hours after that meal, you probably need a bit more fat.

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