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30 Days Flew By! Unexpectedly happy and grateful.


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When I committed to the Whole30, part of me went into it with a “diet†mindset as much as a mindset to find a solution to annoyances including allergies, hormone nuttiness, unreliable sleep and sluggish energy. I kind of figured I'd get through the 30 days, half assuming that I'd wind up somehow disappointed or resigned to reverting to my slovenly ways when it was over (because I was not very happy with myself when this started, you see). Well, this long-ass post is to tell you that A#1) Today is Day 30, and B#2) I have learned more about myself in these 30 days than I ever would have expected.


I've learned that:


I don't in fact need a glass (or two or three…) of wine every day. I have not lost my sense of humor, my charm or my creativity without it. I don't even need it to wind down or as a “sleep aide.â€


Cheese apparently has nothing to do with my physical or emotional well-being or survival.


Sugar withdrawal can induce crazy vivid dreams to rival those I've only experienced on a nicotine replacement patch.


When my body is sufficiently nourished, I don't crash. For the first time possibly ever, I don't find myself hitting the wall that requires a snack/mid-day coffee/nap.


When my body is sufficiently nourished I don't crave anything. Really. And “noshy†just doesn't happen.


Moving through day to day, week to week without the expectation of weighing in creates a clarity that allows me to notice how I feel, rather than worrying what I weigh. I am finally learning the language of my body, and how to tune in and listen.


It is nearly impossible to find a healthful, all-natural, pre-packaged food. Convenience comes at the cost of processing, additives, chemicals and preservatives. Then again, lots of veggies, fruits, nuts and my two new favorites – hard boiled eggs and leftovers – are convenient when you have a plan.


I have a new-found love for: Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Coconut Oil, Mason Jars, Avocados, Almond Butter, Bone-in/Skin-on Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower, Licorice Tea and 10pm Bedtime.


I feel so damn good that I plan to continue until Easter, and then begin the reintroduction phase. And now I know that I can trust my body to let me know what works and what doesn't when the time comes. I've experienced a shift in my relationship with food, and a surprising development of respect for my self and my body. I'm glad I stuck with it.


That is all. Thank you.

I mean it: THANK YOU!

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Thanks for posting, @Clabby! I've found this site to be A-Maz-ing for resources, inspiration, support & knowledge. I hope to see your 30Day success posted here come April 17 (if my math is right). Rock it! And enjoy :-)

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Oh my goodness.. You are the first person I've seen say they had crazy dreams on the Whole 30! I am on day 12 and have been having the most bizarre dreams for the past couple of days, so strange but they seem so real. I even woke up one day looking for the puppy I had found and brought home in my dream and was disappointed when I realized it wasn't real! I'm glad I'm not the only one and I wonder what actually causes them.

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Thank you for sharing your experience!


I'm nearing my day 30 and it's an amazing feeling to know someone has thought the same as me with having to give up wine and going through sugar withdrawals....and survived.


Cheers to control!

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