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Starting Today (Again)


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Hi everyone:
Introducing myself. I'm 43 y.o. mom of 3 active boys (ages 7, 9, 11). We're about to hit the busy season with sports so I'll be needing to make sure I have some grab and go meals available. I wish the family were supporting me and doing the the Whole 30 with me, but they aren't. Husband is supportive and will eat what I cook, but kids are not. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 2 months ago and have done well eliminating gluten. I'm also allergic to sulfites.


I've made it 2 1/2 weeks on a whole30 before and then slipped up and haven't gotten back. I felt better and had lost a little weight so why haven't I been able to get back. My biggest problem areas (snacking both due to hunger and emotions), making sure I'm prepped and have food available (especially on those really busy days), and sometimes just having bad food around (which I try to limit but my family loves tortilla chips and popcorn - two of my favorites). And I have been a carb and sugar addict and I don't do moderation which is a main reason for doing the whole 30 because my system really needs a restart and I need to slay those dragons. Oh and I do like to have a drink (martini) with hubby

1-2 times/week so that's also very tempting. I KNOW this is NOT hard like other things, but breaking habits isn't necessarily easy either. 



I'm also working to get back in shape. I have always been active and love a combination of cardio+weights.  However, back in October, I started having sciatica and hip pain. With a lot of chiropractor, massage, and PT I am slowly working it out (no pun intended) but very anxious to get back to a more active lifestyle. I also feel SO much better when I am able to be more active.


I am really looking forward to completing a Whole 30 and feeling better. 


Cheers and Ciao to sugars, grains, etc.!


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