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First Whole30


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I'm on Day #8 and I think its going well.


Here are a few notes I jotted on my calendar for the past week:


Day #1 - Luckily I was home from work and made a veggie/egg scramble for breakfast to start the day.  I did more meal prep to take me through a few more days.  I cooked up ground turkey with soutwest style seasonings and made egg muffins for work.


Day #2 - Hungry soon after waking.  I get up at 4:30am for work, and with commute I'm at my office by 6:30am.  Due to the time frame, I'm eating breakfast at work.  I realized my breakfast wasn't enough, as I was ready for a snack by 10am, which was when I usually had a mid-morning snack of nuts.  I guess lunch wasn't adequate either (greek salad with chicken), because by 2:30pm I was ready for another small snack.


Day #3 - I felt OK most of the day, but got sleepy around 3pm.  Had a half of banana.  DH made chicken on the grill (Whole30 approved spices) and roasted veggies.  I'm finding it hard to get fruit in every meal and not have it feel like a dessert.  I did add apple in my cooked ground turkey for the week.


Day #4 - I think I went the day without snacks so my breakfast and lunch were enough.  I'm definitely feeling the fogginess and lack of energy.  I have been sleeping better (I used to wake a few times each night). 


Day #5 - Day off from work so another big veggie/egg scramble for breakfast.  Lunch was pork shanks and dinner was grilled shrimp salad with avocado, pecans, tomatoes, oil & vinegar.


Day #6 & #7 - Oh the weekend!  Overall, it went well.  I haven't hit the gym yet, hopefully next week.  I hit the grocery store and planned more meals.  Dealing with cravings, but handling it well I think.  I'm getting tired of drinking water (was a huge milk drinker), so I made some iced tea.


Now at Day #8 and ate veggie frittata for breakfast and a handful of nuts & grapes.  I'm trying to find more recipes as it feels like I'm eating the same things.  Its been a big adjustment to me as I've never been a huge meat eater.  I plan on fish for dinner tonight and coconut shrimp either Wednesday or Thursday night. 



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Day #9!  I came [this close] to giving up yesterday.


I made Bora Bora Fireballs and brought some to work for my meal #2 and I just wasn't feeling it.  I'm so very tired of eating meat.  I've never been a huge meat eater, even as a child my mom said I rarely ate meat and had at times couldn't keep food down.  I'm almost to the point where meat makes me almost want to gag.  I brought eggs today for meal #2, so I hope I do better. 


If today doesn't go well, I know I'll be on the brink again :(

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Hang in there - you're doing so well!


You're at the point where, if someone's going to give up, it typically happens around day 9 or 10.  Stay with it.  Remind yourself of all the reasons you're doing a Whole30.  Review different websites for more variety in your recipes to mix it up.


If you're sick of meat, have more seafood: tuna, salmon, other fish (see what your local grocer currently has on sale), shrimp, scallops, etc.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions. 


I had fish last night and cocoa roasted cauliflower and it was very yummy and I was satisfied.


I made egg salad with my home made mayo last night and that was my Meal #2 today along with some tomatoes, cucumber, and black olives drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  I was most definitely having a weak moment.  I plan to make coconut shrimp this week, so that will break up the meat even more.  I guess I am a person that needs a lot of variety in my foods.  Its funny, my husband could eat the exact same thing every day and be totally fine with it.  Its an adjustment for sure. 

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Day #10 is here and no bad feelings of wanting to throw in the towel!!  *\o/*


Yesterday's meal #3 was leftover Bora Bora Fireballs and a I made the sweet mustard dipping sauce from Well Fed, that helped a lot!  I'm so used to drowning my food in gravy and sauces.  I also made cinnamon and nutmeg roasted sweet potato and some figs. 


After dinner, I planned and packed today's meals:


Meal #1 - broccoli, mushroom, and spinach frittata and some raspberries

Meal #2 - the rest of my egg salad (made with home made mayo), and leftover cocoa roasted cauliflower and blackberries

Meal #3 - tuna steak (not sure what seasonings I'll use yet, maybe something citrusy/spicy and leftover roasted sweet potato and applesauce.


I have tickets for a show tonight that comes with a free dessert - NOPE, NOT GONNA DO IT!  My friend is supportive of my whole30 and said she wouldn't get one either, which is super awesome of her.


There has been cake in my office the past two days and I keep seeing in the breakroom everytime I go in there.  Lots of temptations today, but I'm doing great!

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Congrats on getting to day 10!  I remember feeling great when I hit double digits.  You're 1/3 there! 


Funny you and your husband are opposite of us.  I eat the same exact thing almost every day for breakfast and lunch.  Have for almost a year!  I even managed to find eggs and kale on vacation.  My husband likes variety.

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Day #15, half way there!  The weekend went well.  My husband and I went out for dinner Saturday night.  I had grilled chicken topped with portabella mushrooms and roasted red peppers with zucchini and carrots on the side.  I also had a nice greens salad with oil & vinegar.  The salad came with shredded parm on top, but the chunks were big enough for me to move them off the plate and enjoy.


Todays meals:


Meal #1 - mushroom and spinach frittata and hot tea.

Meal #2 - left over salmon and tomatoes, raspberries

Meal #3 - chocolate chili, apricots


I feel pretty good today

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Day 23!  I'm in the home stretch!  I did well this past week overall, but my sleep wasn't that great.  I get up at 4:30am for work and some days it doesn't matter how early I hit the bed, I never feel rested.  :(


I'm doing well so far this week, but I'm very tired again.  I must admit I'm looking foreward to a few whole30 forbidden foods next week, fish tacos! a cheeseburger with the bun! a flavored latte!  a tall glass of milk! a glass of wine!  Its funny realizing the foods/drinks that I've been missing and those I haven't given a thought to.  I am thinking about my after whole30 life and will be making some permanent changes for sure. 


Today's meals:


meal #1 - spinach & mushroom frittata and blueberries

meal #2 - deconstructed ruben (love the homemade russian dressing!) and tomatoes

meal #3 - salmon cakes and zucchini

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