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Going to start a whole30 at 37 weeks pregnant :-)

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I haven't been on this forum for ages, since I was still breastfeeding second baby last year, but I am now almost due with my third child and planning to start a Whole30 when I am 37 weeks (11th April).

Hopefully I will reach the tiger blood stage by the time I give birth haha!

I ate paleo for a year and that included two Whole30's but my sickness, nausea and food aversions up to week 20 put me right off a lot of paleo foods. I have had a straightforward pregnancy health wise and am planning my second home water birth, but now that my palate is returning to normal and I am able to enjoy paleo foods/meals a lot more, I am going to do Whole30 to get back in the routine and feel as good as possible.

Anyone else tried this at the end and about to pop? It will help me avoid eating rubbish in the newborn no-sleep haze also.

Part of me thinks it'll also be a good distraction from waiting waiting waiting for baby :-)


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I don't have any kids, but I'm super impressed that you're going to do a Whole30 now! Cook as much now as you can...freezer meals will probably save you, as will getting any non-compliant food out of the house. That way you don't have the option and, if you want something off-plan, you have to make the choice to get in your car, drive to the store, and buy it.

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Good for you!  I'm only 10 weeks but I have been terribly nauseous and making bad food choices because of lack of planning and laziness.  I think it's making my queasiness worse so I'm planning on starting a Whole30 on Sunday.  I will be following your progress!

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When did you start and/or how's it going? I'm starting tomorrow but I'm only 28 weeks along. I tend towards high blood sugars, so I'm using the Whole30 to eat better and quit "cheating" with foods I can't tolerate. Do you tend to go early or do you probably have another three weeks to go? I agree with MrsStick - freezer cooking will probably really help out. But I think it's a great idea to do a Whole30, especially as you have already done them and know what the deal is. And it'll help you be about as well rested as you can possibly be in this stage of the game. 


Good luck. 

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MrsStick - thank you, I will use the time before baby to do some cooking, once baby is here I will have three kids under age 5...

Juno - I can imagine how you are feeling. Please don't give yourself a hard time, I also struggle A LOT with constant nausea and food aversion up to week 20 and the odd day after that if especially tired. I have tried about 3 times since week 12 to get back onto whole30 limits however it has just made me feel sick up until now. This is the third time I have been pregnant and each one has been exactly the same with regards to symptoms, food issues etc, so I know that my food preferences start returning to normal around now when baby is full term so that's why I planned this. I was working full time until 3 weeks ago and I would not have had the energy or time to do this at that point. I did have times where I felt bad because I had eaten so well for a year but I reminded myself to listen to my body and that my pre conception nutrition would still affect the pregnancy in positive way. I read lots of articles about the benefits of paleo foods for nausea but I could not manage to actually chew and swallow these foods for a few days to get the benefits without needingk to vomit! Let me kow how you are getting on with transitioning back

Ksweet - this is day 2 of whole30 for me, my due date is May 1st, with my first child I went 6 days over and with my second child I went 5 days over. So who knows about this one! Its too early to report any carb flu problems but so far I feel motivated and I am enjoying the food the way I did when I wasn't pregnant. Only problem is fish, just can't do fish when pregnant, been the same every time. But I think if I use nori sheets to make 'sushi' with tuna, veg and avocado then this will be fine as the texture and taste won't just be the fish. Going to do this tomorrow I think. Are you on about day six now? How's it going for you?

I have been feeling just as tired as before however with a fully cooked baby inside, a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old there's no getting away from this to a certain extent, whole30 or no whole30 haha!

Already I feel my energy has less ups and downs, and I am feeling a lot more chilled out, l know this is because the wheat and sugar has been gone for a couple of days.

I am additionally motivated from knowing how removing certain foods will help me, having done this before so that is a bonus. I have been allowing myself snacks etc and I also wake up every night at about 3am to eat. It will be interesting to see if this changes.

Good luck xx

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I really like your sushi idea, especially since I can't eat meat on Fridays. 


I think it's interesting you mention feeling too sick to the stomach to do a Whole30 until now. I'm finding I'm a bit queasy this past week - not anything like the first trimester but just too full and "thick" for lack of a better description. Wonder what that's about. Of course, it might just be this pregnancy - this is my sixth but it's been the most uncomfortable - don't know if it's my age, having the other five to keep up with, or being in worse shape to begin with. 


I don't know if it's helpful, but here's a list of ideas/recipes I've started to put together in preparation for some freezer cooking. 



meatballs, chili, taco meat, Mexican shredded chicken


burger patties, chicken soup




egg crepes - can be used for burritos and noodles in soup




If it's any consolation, my first three are less than five years apart but I didn't have too many problems "incorporating" number three. Number one was such a shock (what am I supposed to be doing????) and then number two requires you to figure out how to divide your attention. Number three was a bit easier - but she's also of sweet temperament. 


Good luck; hope baby is "only" four days late, if not sooner, lol. 


stock up on spice mixes - pumpkin, taco

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Wow six kids! Most days I say I will be finished after three but I'm not 100% sure haha...I am not surprised this is your most uncomfortable pregnancy, I find witheach I am more and more tired and this is only number three! What ages are your five kids?

Thank you so much for those links and ideas, that's really useful :-)

When I was working before my mat leave, I had my other two with childminder 4 days in the week, she is on her Easter hols now but from 22nd she will have them just tues and fri for a few weeks (for my sanity), then my mum comes to stay with me from 27th april (she lives in Northern Ireland and we are in Scotland). This will give me some child free time to cook and freeze.

I had some sweet potato hash with avocado tomatoes and fried egg for breakfast yesterday and it just tasted sooo yummy. When I tried that a few months ago I just thought oh yuck I can't do this!

Also I sometimes got into the habit of eating leftover dinner for breakfast next morning with previous w30's, this is what I did this morning (for my 'second' breakfast at 9.30 haha) with beef curry and I enjoyed that too. Hopefully this means this is going to work for me.

I like using brackets don't I? Haha

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My kids are 11, 8, 6, 4, 2, and one due in June (boy, three girls, two boys). We thought we were done at two, lol. 


I might have to try some leftovers for breakfasts, though I usually use them for lunches. I'm having a hard time stomaching my usual bacon or sausage and haven't done great with vegetables at breakfasts, though the sweet potatoes are easier to palate than the green "stuff". Sweet potato hash sounds yummy. 


Good on  you for getting some help so you can prep before the Big Day. I wish I had a better idea of what items freeze well. When I found out I was pregnant, I baked a bunch of paleo things like muffins and breads. I knew I would feel sick and probably not want a lot of protein. But when I thawed the stuff, some was too soggy - it was only tolerable if I toasted them. 


Here's a recipe for KIND bars (don't know if they have these in the UK). I'm hoping to make some after the Whole30 and see if they freeze well. They taste great and the kids love them for snacks. 



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I started my second W30 on Monday at 23 weeks with my third baby! While I was eating mostly Paleo before this week, I was going a little too crazy on chocolate and a couple of other foods, and I was not eating very mindfully. Consequently, I was having terrible heartburn and digestive issues.


I hope yours is going well! I am a little tired, but I am feeling some relief with the heartburn. Like you, I am hoping that the work that goes into a W30 will make time go by a little faster. 


Good luck, and hope your delivery goes well! You must be getting pretty close...

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Thank you for the link ksweet - we have 'nakd' bars here in the UK which are compliant but pricey, good for emergency days lol, I will try the KIND recipe though.

Its all going pretty well so far, have had a v busy week with the kids so a bit tired but its being 38 weeks pregnant that's doing it, and if I wasn't eating this way I would be exhausted. I cannot believe how soundly I am sleeping which is the biggest benefit for me right now :-)

I made a kind of slaw side dish thing to go with chicken last week for a dinner, I thought I would have a cold side as its getting lighter in the evenings and a bit warmer here (well only 15 or 16 celsius but that was enough to dig out the birkenstocks today haha) and I'm feeling a bit summery. Shredded onion, red cabbage, carrot, with cubes of boiled sweet potato, mayo and parsley - I cannot get enough of it!

I also made fish tonight with a coconut lime and chilli coating oh my it was tasty! Just REALLY enjoying the food.

My kids have seen a lot of their wee friends this week as its the school/nursery easter hols and there's been all the swapping of chocolate easter eggs with them all going mad wanting sugar, I haven't felt tempted at all. However, I am experiencing a certain level of contentment and excitement to do with the baby coming in next few weeks and also I feel like a lot of the cooking is making use of my nesting urges, so all that is keeping me going.

Kimsy - hello! The chocolate is a big thing for me in pregnancy too, no wonder my daughters are also mad for it...

I am glad your heartburn has improved, when did you first start eating Paleo? Did you struggle with meat in first trimester or were you ok?

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That slaw dish does sound good. It would be good as the breakfast veggie, too, which I have a hard time with. 


I guess even the homemade KIND bars are expensive, just because of the pricey ingredients. But KIND bars here can easily approach 2.00 for a little bar and of course each kid wants one - so 14.00 for each of us to have a little snack. Yikes. 


Kimsy - I have found that the Whole30 totally relieved my heartburn - so I'm hoping you're feeling better now. It even seems to help with the hip pain I have during sleeping; I don't know what that's about but I'm not complaining. 

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mrsmaggie: I transitioned to Paleo after a Whole30 last February (right after I weaned my daughter). I was already eating gluten-free and very low sugar, so it wasn't a huge change for me, but I really do feel better when I stick to it. I feel the same way about the tiredness and W30. I've had several people suggest that my diet is making me tired, and I'm like, "uh, no, I'm pregnant and have two kids." The tiger blood feeling is muted by the pregnancy a bit, but I still feel better than before I started. 


ksweet: I am feeling better, thanks! I've had a couple of episodes of heartburn since beginning, but not nearly as often or as bad as preW30. 


I discovered the joy of guacamole deviled eggs this weekend, and I've been craving them constantly since :). I mix the egg yolks with guac and some sliced cherry tomatoes, then fill the eggs. So good. 

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Hello, a wee update from me :-)

Today is day 23 of whole30

My due date was yesterday (according to my own calculations baby is due next week though) and I am still pregnant.

I am full of energy, I have been able to walk normally, no waddling about, able to lift my toddler up and carry her on my shoulders, sleeping really well still and wide awake in the morning.

I have not piled on an extra stone in weight over these last few weeks like I did with my first two babies, I have put on 3lbs since doing this whole30. My bump is still growing however the rest of my body feels smaller and stronger. I have no swelling or puffiness at all that I would normally get at this stage.

I had a check up with the midwife yesterday who said when palpating my bump that the baby has grown again and will be even bigger than my last ones (8lb 8 and 8lb 15), so we can wait and see if that is correct!

Also my routine bloods were taken two weeks ago to check my iron levels and I have been told the iron level was 127 which is apparently very high! And this is even with me always forgetting to take my pregnancy vitamins haha.

So its all good!

I am amazed!

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That's terrific -and inspiring to hear. I haven't been as strict as I should be but have blaming my less than stellar energy and so forth on pregnancy when perhaps I should be blaming it on my cheats. 


Have you managed to get any extra cooking done?


Does your midwife care that you have a different due date? I know midwives are not in a great rush to induce like doctors can be. 

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I haven't managed to really do any extra cooking, have just been trying new things and eating them there and then haha, but have plenty of meat in freezer and quick snacks for the kids. My husband is quite good at cooking and eats in a similar way, pretty much paleo lunch and dinner that he normally has.

Based on when I think I conceived, my due date is 8th May but at my dating ultrasound scan at 12 weeks, the scan computer came up with the 1st may based on babys measurements at that stage. This has happened with my first and second children where my own date has been changed to 5 or 7 days sooner, then baby ends up coming almost a week late....but officially according to NHS I was due on Thursday.

I am low risk and therefore all my antenatal care is provided by NHS midwives only. If you go 12 days over they generally will get you in and induce you, however I have told them I do not wish to be induced unless based on sound evidence that requires it. I have an appt to go in and be monitored at 42 weeks if still pregnant to check baby, fluid, placenta etc still ok. Sometimes induction can lead to a snowball efect of medical intervention that can be avoided if mother and baby are doing ok and are given more time.

I am planning an NHS homebirth so the hospital have delivered some equipment to my house, I have my own birthing pool, and they have the midwives on an on call rota from 38-42 weeks then when I go into labour I phone up and two of them will come out for the birth. I have until 7am on 15th to have my homebirth lol.

I am feeling very pre labour ish today I think it will be in the next few days :-)

Also having a lot of cravings for dried fruit today...eek I'm going for a nap!

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I was wondering if pregnancy nausea was worse/better on a paleo/whole 30 diet. I had horrible nausea with both my pregnancies and I get it mid cycle too. I figured since eating this way stabilized my blood sugar that the nausea wouldn't be as bad but this month it was actually worse, especially since the foods I usually use to ease it are off limits! I am scared to do another pregnancy eating this way (the first trimester anyway, I can see the last few months being better eating like this)

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Wow, Mrs. Maggie, that sounds great. Our state only allows for nurse midwives or a doctor for a homebirth and even then, it's not often covered by insurance. I would have to pay $2500 for a homebirth and even then, they won't take me because I deliver too quickly. I did have one at home with a midwife and then I had one at home with just my husband because the doctor didn't make it. So it looks like another hospital birth this time around - and perhaps an induction to ensure I don't have another baby in the car. Anyway...


I hope as I type this you're in labor - or at least getting a good nap, lol. Perhaps the dried fruit craving is your body gearing up for some work. 


LIsaLulu - I felt more nauseous the first week of the Whole30 - like the food was just too rich and sort of just sitting in my stomach too long. It probably will get better for you in the second week - can you lean more towards veggies and fruits or are they upsetting your stomach too?

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MrsMaggie, just wanted to say, good luck! You are quite the inspiration!! I've got 3 of my own, also home-births, still nursing the youngest one, and am starting my whole30 tomorrow. Way to go for having the energy and determination to watch your diet so well, how good for you & baby! Keep us posted when little one decides to make its debut!

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Thanks for replies everyone. I am now pretty much finished my w30! So glad I did it as it has got me back into routine of planning shopping cooking and eating this way which is easier done with baby inside I guess.

Lisalulu, I could never have done a whole30 before even 25 weeks as chewing meat felt awful and swallowing it would make me gag. Totally went off a lot of veg aswell. Most of the foods I usually love made me feel very sick so I managed on a very limited and not as healthy diet. Now it is working but that is because I am at the end of pregnancy. I wasn't able to stomach a whole30 long enough to figure out if it helped my sickness and nausea. Be gentle on yourself.

Well I am STILL pregnant....now at 41 weeks plus 1 day by hospital calculations, but due anytime now by my own calculations....at my midwife check up on Tuesday my urine, blood pressure etc was totally fine, baby in good position with head 2/5 engaged in pelvis, babys heart beat sounded perfect I was told. I am feeling more pressure on some nerves in my groin and down my legs and everyone says bump is dropping each day so hopefully head is even further down now.....this child is definitely teaching me a lesson in patience! Just obviously too comfortable in there!

I am looking forward to posting a wee birth announcement - COME ON BABY YOU'RE EVICTED NOW!

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Hey mrsmaggie,

I have been following your progress the last 2 weeks and just wanted to send you lots of energy and patience if it still takes some time for baby to get ready for the world ;)

Come out little one, it's fun here outside too :D

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