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Hello Everyone!


I'm proud to say that I've made it, without cheating to Day 20!!! I had a bump in the road when I discovered glycerol in my Vit D supplement, but that was only about 5 days & has since been corrected! 


I've gone through headaches, RAGING bitchiness, self-doubt, extreme fatigue, fighting major temptations, answering nay-sayer questions, major bloating & sexy gas  ;) But, I can now say that I feel, shall I say it... CALM... for the first time in a long time! Even amongst a heavy workload, scaling down my caffeinated coffee intake & planning an elopement.


The whole reason for starting the W30 was because of worsening fatigue & lack of energy. I haven't regularly exercised in months! I'm not overweight (5'5 1/2, 125-130 pounds), but can tell my body needs to MOVE - all bodies need to move in any capacity they can. I just haven't had the energy. So, after the recommendation from my MD, I read ISWF, did my own research & realized that elimination diets have worked before (I'm gluten-free), I then decided to embark on my W30.


Now, my goal is to start exercising again. I'd like to try in the upcoming days... my body feels ready... again, for the first time in a long time!!!


Here are the benefits (some surprising) I've experienced so far, in such a short time:

1) Less gum sensitivity when I'm flossing and/or brushing my teeth (not surprising, but I didn't expect it!)

2) Increased satiety between breakfast & lunch - easily 4 - 5 hours until I'm hungry!

3) Decreased oiliness in my scalp (did not expect this, either!)

4) More comfortable in the kitchen, better time management

5) Falling asleep earlier & staying asleep longer - no longer waking up at 3 am! Now the earliest I get up is 5 am... still early, but much better!!!

6) Less achiness in my joints: carpal tunnel & knee... still present, but less severe.

7) Stomach is flatter - once I figured out not to OD on my kale/brussels sprouts/broccoli, etc  :D


There's probably more, but that's all I can think of!


Anyway, to those who are struggling... hang in there, it does get better! I've found this forum my saving grace!!!




Off to make today's lunch! xoxoxo

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Nice job!


I think the most amazing thing is that your doctor recommended ISWF to you... my doctor told me to take statins at the age of 30 - I want your doctor!

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Littleg - I know!!! I was actually quite skeptical (thus my "name") when my MD was telling me about it 3 months ago. He approached me with, "I don't believe in any 'diet', but ISWF/W30 approaches chronic health issues from a logical viewpoint: what may be causing hormone (particularly leptin & insulin) imbalances & gut permeability issues, as related to our food." He didn't shove it down my throat, he just planted the W30-seed, since he knew my work in the medical field, history with gluten issues & that I was fighting increased fatigue & lack of energy.


He completed the W30 himself & found that dairy & legumes were giving him issues. He says his aches & lack of energy disappeared & has lost, 30 - 40 pounds. If you happen to live in New England, I'll tell you his name! ;)


And Clabby, Awww, thanks for your kind words!!!   :) I don't feel inspiring most days, but that's nice of you to say!

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Thanks for the encouraging post! I'm on day 19, right behind you! I think I can make it past my husband's birthday, which will be my 26th day, without having cake! The wine is tougher, but I can do it for 11 more days, right?

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Me too, cwildwest1... I'm looking forward to having more energy. I don't have the 'boundless' energy the timeline mentions, yet, but my fatigue has lessened & I'm just calm... which makes me WANT to exercise more.


So, I guess that's a start! I'm sure you're bloating will settle down soon... I was having some serious bloat up until Day 17 or 18 & it turned out I was eating too many cruciferous veggies in one day (kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, arugula, etc). That helped me a lot!


Good luck to you! :)

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What a lovely post to read! I'm on day 8 & so far, all going well... well, once I got through raging headaches & ridiculous tiredness from about day 4-7! (Today I'm feeling much more alert.)


Great to hear other folks' success stories. 



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First, congratulations on your journey this far. 


I love reading everyone's success stories along the way. Maybe because 30days sounds like forever.


Second, thanks for the smile on my face and pushing me forward through the next couple of weeks. I've never EVER heard anyone refer to gas as this. My day is complete and the next moment my husband's around for the experience, I'm telling him it's "Sexy gas". 


I've gone through headaches, RAGING bitchiness, self-doubt, extreme fatigue, fighting major temptations, answering nay-sayer questions, major bloating & sexy gas  ;)

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