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Day 9 - Round 2 - food adjustment advice?

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I completed a whole30 back in January and am very proud of my success.  BP went down, moods evened out, lost a whole bunch of weight (i've got a lot to lose) and just felt great in general. 


I am on Day 9 of my 2nd Whole30 and this one has been rough.  The latest craze is my upper body is so so swollen.  A bra that I had managed to bring down to the second row of the band is now tight on the first. 


I did my research and the only two things that I think apply are my bacterial gut monsters are battling it out and need a little more room to do so, OR i'm having a hard time digesting something.  So today I'm going to cut out almonds and mushrooms (the only things I can think of that i've added in the last week on a daily basis). 


This doesn't mean i can't have almond milk or almond butter right?


Cuz ..well..that's just taking things too far ;)



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Hi Mama.epstein,


I am in a similar boat.  Had great success on Whole30 which ended early March.

I felt so good & had lost weight, (I too have more to lose) that I decided to do

it again.  I went for a whole 40.  I got 20 days in and then one day I fell off the wagon.  

Then, after a couple of weeks of "mostly compliant", I got back on the horse.  I am now

on a new whole 40.  Today is day 4/40.  I will NOT fall off this one.  


You are right.  The second "whole" is rough!  I know we CAN do this round 2 though!  


Best wishes on your journey to success #2!   :D

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

From my own experience - cutting out almond butter is a definite if you are avoiding almonds.  What kind of almond milk are you drinking?  If its from the cartons do you have an approved one (I've never seen one... so just asking)?  If you are making it yourself I'd assume that from the processes I've seen (essentially processing almonds with water) that that would have to go too.  I'd think that the butter might be the worst though - maybe try one/two week no almonds or almond butter before also eliminating almond milk?


Have you tried coconut butter and coconut milk?  I've recently discovered that my GI problems are due to nuts but for some reason coconut is ok.  I've had decent amounts of coconut milk (1/2 c per serving sometimes - the canned stuff - Aroy D, so not watered down) and I'm fine.  I haven't really tried coconut butter alone because the container I have at home tastes funny and I haven't gotten around to buying more... but I'm hoping it would be ok too :)

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